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Doctrine For Dummies
Written by David Montgomery   




The goal in these articles is to explain the major points of fundamental doctrine on the simplest level possible. I am going for total minimal here. If you want deep thoughts on doctrine then read Sylvester Hassell, not David Montgomery. This is not Primitive Baptist 101…think PB 001…and we shall start where all searchers for truth in doctrine should always start: the doctrine of Total Depravity. If you can understand this concept, then you will understand why we needed a Savior and why salvation HAS to be by grace alone.

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History of Sandy Creek Church
Written by Vandelia Jones   

 The Gospel Messenger--May 1884

Dear Brother Respess,

In order to give a correct history of Sandy Creek Church, I go back to Benedict’s history of the Baptists. In second volume, page 37, we find Shubael Stearns was a native of Boston, Mass., and embraced the sentiments of the Baptists in the year 1751, and was ordained in Tolland, Conn., the same year.

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The Good Old Days
Written by Elder Troy Corley   

The services were held under a brush arbor that had been built just outside of the yard near the home of an old brother who seemed to be the main stay and support of the meeting, as well as of the little church in that community. A number of ladies, under the supervision of his wife did the cooking there in her kitchen, and the people ate around some long temporary tables that had been set up in the back yard.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 21 October 2008 )


The Primitive or Old School Baptists cling to the doctrines and practices held by Baptist Churches throughout America at the close of the Revolutionary War. This site is dedicated to providing access to our rich heritage, with both historic and contemporary writings.