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Written by W.C. Arnold   


At the regular meeting of the Sulphur Springs church in Kentucky, the 4th Sunday in May, I bap­tized three young sisters amid much rejoicing and good feeling. I was permitted to attend the meeting at Griffin, and the 5th Sunday and Saturday before, and in the absence of the pastor, Brother Radcliff, who was suffering from an attack of appendicitis, I baptized eleven. There are seven more awaiting baptism at this church. The Lord is blessing the labors of dear brother Radcliff at Griffin and the church esteems him very highly.

On my return from Griffin I met with the church at Grayville Sunday night. Here is a pre­cious band of persecuted saints who have passed through the fire during the past few years. And to add to their sorrow, Elder W. A. Pinkstaff, a former pastor, was preaching for the Missionary Baptists at the same hour of our meeting. I feel that Elder Pinkstaff has treated these dear brethren with contempt, and given the adversary a club with which they can fight the cause he says he loves. He writes me that he has no idea of joining the Missionaries; however, it looks strange to me that he would choose the company of these people, when he could have the association of a people with whom he claims to be agreed. To chronicle these things for the perusal of my brethren, is no pleasant task; however, I feel that Elder Pinkstaff has lifted up his hand against the cause of God, and our people should know of his actions. This unpleasant affair, just after the good meeting at Griffin, reminded me again that in this life we have a mixture of joy and sorrow.


NOTE: Our people have been shamefully imposed upon during the last few years by a class of preachers who have not been satisfied with the doctrine and order of the church. They have striven to introduce their doctrines and practices into the churches, wherever they could gain recognition. So far as we have knowledge, in every such instance they have caused trouble, and in some cases have caused divisions. If their course is objected to they seek to incite sympathy by crying out, “jealousy.” Our safety rests in that we stand firm for the truth in doctrine and practice “and having done all, to stand,” and may the Lord defend you in the right and keep you humble!
--ED. (Elder R.W. Thompson)

DM--Amen to what Elder Thompson wrote, over 90 years ago. We're facing the same situation in these modern days. May the Lord defend us the right and keep us humble!

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