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Written by A.M. Morris   

Primitive Monitor--October 15, 1887
FULTON, Mo., June 23, 1887.

Dear Brethren Thompson and Goble: I send a few lines to you for the MONITOR, if you think it worthy a place. I greatly desire a closer walk with God. O could we all be permitted to walk with him and sup with him. I wish I could see the children of God all come together, in that love and. fellowship that is pe­culiar to God’s children. Well do I remember, when I was but a little boy, that we would go far and near to be with one another, and we would engage in singing and prayer with and for each other. They would hold family prayer of a night, and they enjoyed themselves. (He just stepped on my toes! DM) Brethren and sisters, where are we drifting to? Are you unable, or are you afraid? I think a great many of us are either afraid or are too haughty, to thus humble ourselves before the Lord. I would to God that all of us might follow Jesus, who is the author and finisher of our faith. Brethren, let us pray that God may bind us more closely together spiritually. Let us not be discouraged, for Jesus has canceled our debt of sin that stood against us, which we were unable to pay. I ask an interest in all your prayers.

Your unworthy brother, if one at all,


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