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Written by George A Bretz   

The Primitive Monitor--May 1906

The above may seem like a strange thing, but strange as it is other people in whom the Baptists have had confidence have left the "old paths" and have followed after "strange gods." I was thinking if I should do as others have done I would,

First. Proclaim far and near that I am an "Old Baptist," and would get much hurt if any should even think I was departing. I would ransack all the writings of Baptists from away back and find something I could misconstrue to make it sound like what I was saying. If that would not be enough I would tell the people I had prayed to the Lord and would declare he had revealed it to me.

Second. I would profess fellowship for everything the Baptists preached. I would give everybody my hand on everything they preached and say aloud, "Amen," when other preachers preached.

Third. I would say, "Let us have no war, and at the same time preach my new doctrine. I would insist that war among our people would be ruin to us, and say that we were already in a state of anarchy in many places. I would cry, "Peace, peace," and all the time drag in trouble, trouble.

Fourth. I would say this is all preacher jealousy. I would, in my feigned humility, declare I wished no one harm, but that for some reason the old preachers were all trying to kill me.

I have other reasons to suggest to myself or any others who feel that it is their duty to leave the principles of truth without leaving the church in one jump. But I do not want to leave at present and so will not dream any more just now.

The suggestions above are self-contradictory, of course, but the faith revealed to the saints and the doctrines of men are contradictory. When any prefer to leave let them leave by direct line. They will find ears to listen to their tale of woe. If any are "blinded" by the perversions of truth may God deliver them from the snares. If any hunger for truth may God bring them to us and may the old gospel sound sweeter and sweeter to them.

The Lord bless our faithful, toiling, sacrificing people to go on in the service as of old and keep us all from errors of every kind.

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