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Written by Guy Hunt   

Pathway of Truth--December 2002

"They that did feed delicately are desolate in the streets:  they that were brought up in scarlet embrace dunghills" Lam 4:5

This describes people who have gone from the top to the bottom.  These words in particular describe the children of Israel's demise from the rich blessings of God, to being desolate and without pity in a cruel world.

Scarlet was used in the building of the tabernacle.  It was used in the high Priest's robe and it was the color of one of the pomegranates on the hem of the high Priest's garment.  Daniel was clothed in scarlet when he interpreted the king's dream and was make third ruler of the kingdom.  Isaiah's prophecy of Christ said, "Wherefore art thou red in thine apparel and thy garments like him that treadeth in the winefat?" Isa. 63:2.

Today, I see many who are brought up in scarlet who now inherit the waste pits of life.  How far many have gone from the hearing of the word of God in the house of the Lord and the privilege of being with God's royal family.  They have gone from hearing the truth proclaimed to believing falsehoods about their Lord.  From a people who give God the praise to people who praise man.  They have gone from a people poor in worldly goods and rich toward God, to life with people who may be rich in this world's goods and poor in the riches of God.  Many who were brought up in homes of saints have fled to be with those who love the praise of men.  They have gone from scarlet to the dunghills.  They come back home to bury their saintly and faithful mothers and fathers who brought them up in scarlet and for a brief moment miss those blessed days, but reconcile themselves into believing those are days not worthy of this modern time.  These all stood at a distance in their younger days when many of their childhood friends were embracing a life of the Lord's Church.  These never really embraced a life of scarlet.  They may be the most successful and wealthy attorneys in town, but they still live in the dunghill.

Others embraced it and rejoiced in this life of royalty in the courts of the King.  But, like those where the seed fell by the wayside, on stony ground and among the thorns, this world has too much to offer for them to be faithful and dedicated to the Lord so eventually they are totally deceived by Satan so that they lose what they had and make their life among the dunghills and think that it is a wonderful life.  How many of those once rejoiced in the Church and then grew cold and distant to the Lord as they missed more and more of their times of gathering with the saints of God?  I have often wondered how many of those who work the strip joints of New Orleans, Las Vegas and Paris were brought up in scarlet.  How could they think that alcohol drugs and baring their bodies could be anything but the dunghills?

But there is nothing more pitiful than a place where the Church has met for several generations, when is becomes a dunghill.  A place where God has shown his smiling face and the gospel has been preached in its power, but is now becomes cold, sullen and self righteous.  A place where the doctrine is believed, but love, kindness and forgiveness are no longer practiced.  An attitude that produces a cold handshake, even to those they once embraced in love and appreciation.  If we think we are the only ones standing in the faith, we would do well to remember the lesson learned by Elijah the prophet, when he thought he was all alone.  The condition of loneliness causes a Church to be depressed, not joyful in their Lord.  Some go so far they think they will be the only ones standing when the Lord comes to take us home.  They know not that this life in the dunghills will mean they will be totally devoured and no trace will remain in a few years.  I know of one place there I attended services with my parents in a mule drawn buggy, which now stands as a residence for a family, moved from its original location. Its original location is now part of a subdivision.

There are truly people who were raised in scarlet.  Their faithful fathers and mothers before them loved the Lord more than life, established a place to worship the Lord in peace and love.  They did not establish it because they or their brethren were perfect, but because the Lord is perfect.  They visited on another in their afflictions and they could hardly wait to hear the preaching of the gospel once again. They saw their Lord high and lifted up and realized that life itself was meaningless except the blood of Christ was shed for them.  They raised their children in scarlet.  There was none like the Lord Jesus who was altogether lovely to them.

Why then, should their children live in the dunghills?  Should we go from scarlet to the dunghills, it is not the fault of the Lord.  It is ours!

Guy Hunt

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