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Written by Gene Thomas   

This Association  had churches in AL and MS.  It was at one time a rather large Association. It became permeated with "absolutism" and has almost died.  I am quoting from memory of a recent minute and I think that they only 12 total members left in the whole Association.  Very sad, but I did find some records of what it was over 100 years ago.

Gene Thomas

MINUTES Of the Sixteenth Anniversary Of the Primitive Baptist Buttahacha Association (orig. spelling)

Held at Union Church, Marion County , Alabama on the 8th and 9th of October, in the year of our Lord, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Forty-one, 1841 (by deduction, this Assn began annual meetings in about 1825 - jsm)

1st. Pursuant to last years appointment, Elder Gainer Jeffreys delivered the Introductory Sermon, from the Songs of Solomon, 4th Chapter and the 4th verse, “Thy neck is like the tower of David, builded for an armory, whereon there hang a thousand bucklers, all shields of mighty men”.

2nd  The delegates then assembled in the meeting house, and after singing and prayer, the Moderator read the letters from the different Churches which compose this Association, and enrolled their delegate names.

3rd  Went into the choice of a Moderator and Clerk – The following brethren were elected, viz: Charles Hodges, Moderator, and Thomas Thorne, Clerk.

4th  Opened a door for the reception of Churches.  Whereupon, the Double Spring church came forward by letter and delegates, and stated that she had been fraudulently withdrawn from the Buttahacha association at her session of 1838; by one of her delegates, Samuel McCollough, had also, fraudulently attached to the Columbus association, whereupon she was received.

5th Appointed a committee of arrangements, consisting of brethren Sanders Mills, Eli Thompson and Hiram Robertson, together with the moderator and clerk. 

6th Also appointed the financial committee, viz: Pollard Loden, John Armstrong and A. Atkins.
7th Adjourned by singing and prayers, by brother Sanders Mills until 10 o’clock tomorrow morning.
8th Saturday, met pursuant to adjournment, and after prayer by brother Woodrough.

9th Called the delegates names, a quorum present.

10th Called the bill of arrangement: read and received, and the committee discharged.
11th Called for corresponding letters from sister associations, whereupon the following presented themselves, brother Samuel C. Johnson from Pilgrim’s Rest Association, without letter, or minutes, who was received and invited to a seat.  Also one from Mount Zion Association, by the hands of her messengers, Eli Saffold and Elijah Baker with some minutes, who were invited to seats.

12th Took up the appointment of Brethren to write letters to correspondence to sister associations, and to bear the same; whereupon, appointed brother C. Hodges to write the letter to Pilgrim’s Rest Association, and Brethren C. Hodges, S. Mills and J. Loden to bear the same; brother Sanders Mills to write a letter to Mount Zion association, and brethren William Thorn and Hiram Robertson to bear the same, also brother A. M. Reynolds to write a letter to the Primitive Baptist Association, and brethren Jacob Cody, William Moore and James Loden to bear the same.

13th Called for a circular letter which was read, received, and ordered to be annexed to the minutes.
14th Called upon the pastor with the deacons of Union church, to arrange the preaching at the stand for Saturday.  Reported as follows: Woodrough, Thorn and Johnson, whereupon they were invited to the stand by the association.

15th Took up the request of Poplar Spring church in regard to the course she pursued with John T. Harrington, and that we spread on the face of our minutes that he holds a letter of dismission from them, and is gone into disorder by joining a Methodist Society, and refuses to give the letter he drew from the church.

16th Took up the appointment of some brother to write our next circular letter, and instead thereof that there be three brethren appointed to give evidence with an explanation of the abstract principles of Buttahacha association, and report to the next association, whereupon the following brethren were appointed, viz: C. Hodges, G. Jeffreys and S. Mills.

17th Resolved, that next association be holden at Elbethel church, Lowndes county Miss., to commence Saturday before the second Sabbath in October, 1842.
18th Went into the choice of a brother to preach the next introductory sermon, whereupon Elder Charles Hodges was elected and in case of failure, Elder James Loden.
19th Took up the appointment of union meetings to be holden in the first district with Friendship church Friday before the 4th Sabbath in August, 1842; brethren to attend; Hodges, Mills and Jeffreys.  Second district at New Providence church, commencing Friday before the 3rd Sabbath in September, 1842, brethren to attend, Elders Mills, Guttery and Portwood.  Also, the third district at Hopewell church (Fayette Co), Friday before the third Sabbath in September, 1842, brethren to attend, Elders Guttery, and L. Moore; also the 4th district at Poplar Springs church, Friday before the 3rd Sabbath in July 1842; brethren to attend; Elders Thompson, Hodges, Tubbs and Portwood.

20t The Financial Committee reported as follows, and was discharged.  Donation for printing minutes  $34.08
 For Association purposes   29.17
 In hands of the former Treasurer  9.08
 Total amount now in the Treasury   $72.33

21st Resolved, That brother Eli Thompson be allowed as corresponding messenger to Mount Zion association  $10.00

Also brother Hiram Robertson as corresponding messenger to Mount Zion association be allowed, $7.00

Also the former Clerk be allowed $8.00
22nd Resolved, That we refund to Sardis Church, two dollars handed in by her to the Buttahacha association of session 1839, for printing minutes and other purposes.
23rd Resolved, That the moderator be authorized to call on some brother to fill the stand on Saturday until the association be organized.
24th We petition the choice of four ministering brethren to preach at the stand on Sunday, whereupon the following brethren were chosen, Elders Woodrough, Hodges, Johnson and Jeffreys.
25th Shilo church called for a letter of dismission, whereupon granted the request by giving her a letter; also Ebenezer church petitioned for a letter of dismission, through her delegate, whereupon it was granted and have her a letter.
26th Resolved, That we make a change in the districts which will be __ in the table.
27th Resolved, That by request, we send the delegates to the convention of Baptist churches to constitute and association in Knoxobee County, Miss.  Whereupon the following brethren were appointed, Elders Charles Hodges and A.M. Reynolds.
28th Resolved, That Buttahacha association hereafter will convene on Saturday before the second Sabbath in October each year.
29th Resolved, That we take into consideration the validity of the ordinance of Baptism by missionary preachers; upon a diliberation we as an advisory council, do deem it out of order for any church belonging  to Buttahacha association to receive any member into their union who has been baptized by any missionary preacher or any preacher connected with them since the line of separation has been drawn.
30th Resolved, That we have appointed the clerk treasurer, and that he superintend printing the minutes, that he get six-hundred of the minutes printed, and that forty copies be reserved for corresponding associations.
31st Adjourned until tomorrow morning, half after nine o’clock.
32nd Met pursuant to adjournment, and after singing and prayer by brother Sanders Mills.
33rd Called for corresponding letters for sister associations whereupon two were presented, read and received.
34th The business of association being finished, on motion adjourned in order.
                        CHARLES HODGES, Moderator
                        Charles Thorn, Clerk
 Public worship on the Sabbath commenced at the stand at 10 o’clock A.M., a large and well ordered congregation assembled, and the brethren appointed to preach occupied in the following order, Jeffrey’s , Johnson and Hodges, and Woodrough wound up the service of the day by an exhortation.

 It is believed many serious impressions were made, the solemnities of the days service were closed with spiritual praises, and prayers in which Christians rejoiced and mourners wept, the place appeared sweet and awful by a manifestation of the Divine presence to many hearts.
The grateful feelings of this association are hereby expressed to the hospitable citizens of this vicinity for their distinguished kindness to the members of the association during the present meeting through the moderator.

Began and held with Mount Joy Church, Marion Co. Ala, on the 7th, 8th and 9th days of October, 1853
1st  The Introductory Sermon was preached by Elder A.A. Carr from the 4th chapter and 25th verse of Paul to the Romans; “Who was delivered for our offences and was raised again for our justification.
2nd  The delegates assembled in the house and organized by  singing and prayer by the Moderator.
3rd   Called for and read the letters from the several churches and enrolled the delegates names:
 Big Bear Creek (Franklin Co AL)  – P. Stanfield, J. Candal  Zion’s Rest (unknown) – J.J. Ramsey, J. Elison, J. Tindell  Mount Zion (Itawamba Co MS) – J. Summers, M. Davis, M. Digby  Fellowship (unknown) – A. Hodge, E. Aldridge  Salem (Monroe Co MS) – P.W. Osborne, L.D. Cantrell, S. Lites  New Ramah (Itawamba Co MS) – J. Sparks, J. Stell, J.W. Patton  Mount Joy (Marion Co AL) – Benj. Franklin Creel, J. Holigan  John’s Creek (Itawamba Co MS) – Mr. Harper, B. Cockerham, J.M. Dotson  Hepsibah (Marion Co AL) – Eli Thompson, J. Pope, J.H. Glascock  Mount Pleasant (Marion Co AL) – A. Simms, J. Loden, J. Pope  Forks of Buttahatchee (Marion Co AL) – A.A. Carr, E.S. Dotson, Calvin Burleson  Poplar Springs (Rock City area, Marion Co AL) – J. Holcomb, George Hallmark  Union (Marion Co AL) – S. Webb, W.E. McClung  Friendship (Marion Co AL) – W. Moore, Presley Randolph Wright  New River (Fayette Co AL) – Alva M. Reynolds, T. Burres  Macedonia (Fayette Co AL) – J.W. Guyton, W. Strawbridge, D. Ford  Hopewell (Fayette Co AL) – W. Caples, J.S. Jones  Mount Carmel (?) – J.M. Smith, T.T. Temple  Mount Zion (Pickens Co AL) – J.B. Neighbors  Mount Carmel (Tuscaloosa Co AL) – B. Johnson, L. Griffin  Nazareth (?, prob Walker Co AL) – T.J. Norris, G.W. Norris  Little Hope (prob Franklin Co AL) – M. Hester, Isaac Hewett, E. Moore  Mount Hebron (Monroe Co MS) – S.C. Johnson, E.R. Seely, W. Hollingsworth  Elbethel (Lowndes Co MS) – J.H. Oden, A.D. Murphrey
(Partial, for Meeting in 1862, handwritten)
According to Previous Appointment, the Union Meeting of the first District of the Buttahatchee Association meet with Providence Church, Fayette County Alabama on Friday before the first Sunday in August, 1862.
1st  Singing and prayer by Elder A. J. Coleman.
2nd  The Introductory Sermon was preached by Elder J.J. Halbert from the 4th part of the 5th verse of the 12th chapter of Romans.  For as we have many  members in one body and all members have not the same office. 3rd  After a short reception, the delegates were assembled in the meeting house and singing and prayer by Elder S.C. Johnson, the Moderator. 4th  Appointed Reading Clerk – J.J. Halbert and A.J. Coleman. 5th  Called for the letters from the different churches, received said letters, read the delegates names, as follows:
                Macedonia, Marion Co AL – no representative
                Mount Hebron – Monroe Co MS – S.C. Johnson, D.R. Seeley
                [remaining copy in-hand not legible; consult Samford Univ archives; supplemental data available]
(Partial, for Meeting of Oct. 6th 1865)
1st  Opening address by J.B. Neighbors of Mount Zion, Pickens Co AL;

2nd-9th   not copied in full; names visible are Emeas Church of Fayette Co AL; T.J. Norris, L. Griffin, J.M. Thompson, Elder R.B. Gun(n), H. Dodson.  [full minutes of this date are available from Samford Univ archives]
10th  Prayer by brother Wm Moore. Adjorned to half past 9 o’clock tomorrow morning.

11th  Saturday, Oct 7th, 1865; Met pursuant to adjournment.  Prayer by W.C. Hunter.

12th  Read the constitution and rules of decorum.

13th  Called for the committee on Preaching which was as follows: - E. Moss, and W.C. Hunter to preach in the forenoon, and Wm Moore and J.S. Bolton in the afternoon.

14th  Called on writers of corresponding Letters, to present them, all of which were presented, received and bearers appointed, viz: - To Pilgrim Rest, J.B. Neighbors, J.S. Bolton, T.J. Norris;  to Tombigbee, E. Moss, R. Honnell, J.W. Guyton, and T.J. Polk;  to Little Vine, Jesse Jones, L.M. Wimberley, J.B. Neighbors, L.C. Jones, J.S. Bolton and G.W. Dodson;  to Little Black, M. Bradley and A.J. Coleman.

15th  Called for the circular letter – none presented.

16th  The next session of this body will be holden with Providence church, ten miles east of Columbus, MS, commencing Friday before the 2nd Sunday in Oct., 1866.

17th  Elected J.S. Bolton, to preach the Introductory Sermon, J.B. Neighbors his alternate; and T.J. Norris to write the Circular Letter.

18th  Appointed L. M. Wimberley, Treasurer.

19th  Report of Financial Committee: Contribution of churches, $27.70.

20th  Appointed L.M. Wimberley to superintend the printing of 500 copies of these minutes, and that he reserve 80 copies for correspondence.

21st Compensated former Clerk for last year’s services, $10.60, which was donated by him to the association – accepted by same.

22nd  Arranged Union Meetings as follows: - 1st District, with Zion Church Friday before the 4th Sunday in July 1866, J.H. Oden to preach the Introductory Sermon, A.J. Coleman and S.C. Johnson, alternates; 2nd District with Harmony church, ten miles south-west of Fayette, C.H.; Friday before the 2nd Sunday in Sept 1866, J.B. Neighbors to preach the Introductory Sermon, T.J. Norris is alternate.

23rd Elected brethren to preach on Sunday, viz; - T.J. Norris, J.B. Neighbors and R.B. Gun(n).

24th Appointed S.C. Johnson and Wm Ager, distributing agents for the 1st District; T.J. Norris and L.M. Wimberley in the 2nd District.

25th Requested the Moderator to tender the thanks of this body to the brethren and friends of this vicinity, for their kindness and hospitality to us during our stay.

26th  Opened a door for promiscuous business.

27th   Adjourned to the time and place of our next annual meeting.
              Lewis M. Wimberley, Clerk    
              T.J. Norris, Moderator

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