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Written by H. L. Golston   

The Primitive Baptist--May 1945

1.   It is necessary that the church have definite knowledge about her ability in the gospel kingdom.

2.   It is of vast importance that the churches understand how much time, energy, and the extent of said work that they plan on doing during the period of said service.

3.   How much shall be done be­yond the present church borderline.

4.   How much she is willing to assist to extend public church service regularly.

5.   A full complete co­operation by the entire church body, leaving all personal; selfish plans, fancies, or preconceived opinions entirely out of every church work.

6.   It is of vast importance that we completely eradicate the idea of getting men to preach before the people, and select men to preach to the people.

7.  This entire well considered, now the church may look for the preacher adapted to all these con­ditions.

 Preacher to be called:

1.   He must be sound in the faith of the Primitive Baptists if he is to serve them as pastor, otherwise he will make shipwreck of the church body.

2.   He must be a sober man. No man that is addicted to the alcohol habit should be allowed credentials as an Old Baptist preacher. Moreover he should be a sober thinking, sober acting man in everything; temporally financially, sexually, morally and religiously.

3.   He must be apt to teach prompt, accurate, and alert in teaching good, wholesome, religious lessons properly adapted to this special congregation.

4.   He should be well known to this flock. It goes without saying that he must know his flock, and if he is to have any degree of success he must get acquainted with God’s children that do not have membership with the church.

5.   He must administer gospel nourishment in a manner so as to gather God’s family together in the organic body.

6.   Teaching the all important lesson of gospel service; doing things, visiting and administering to the needy and the sick caring for the old and infirm, a house to house daily working. Doubtless our doing so little as pastors and churches is one cause of drifting, wandering, and scattering influences among so many churches.

7.   A good display before the church congregation is not al ways a good sign that the said speaker would be a good pastor. However the pastor must of necessity be an intelligent speaker and so teach as to get the lesson intelligently to his hearers, that, too, in a manner so as to command the respect of his congre­gation. Each of these items would require an article written on every one separately but you have not space in THE PRIMITIVE BAPTIST for them all in that form. So I give these as some thoughts that I have had as I observed along the journey of forty odd years. In bonds,

Brush Creek, Tenn.
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