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Written by Anonymous   

The Gospel Messenger—November 1896


[Written by an excellent Primitive Baptist mother in the last years of her protracted afflictions and found among her papers by her only surviving child after her death, and read by him with many tears. The most of her earnest prayers for him have already been answered.]

My precious son, whom I have constantly cherished with the warmest parental devotion, may God bless you forever, and His ever watchful eve, which never slumbers, be over you, and His strong and faithful arm uphold, shield, and deliver you from every evil and false way. Watch and be sober. Be not overcome by evil. Shun every appearance of evil. Remember that God ever sees all things whether in the darkness or light.

Though your devoted mother may early pass away, as this world is not our home, I hope you will ever love and cherish her memory, all I try to do as you know she has taught you and would desire you to do May you be an honorable and virtu­ous citizen, a true gentleman, and a sincere Christian, by the grace of God.

All things here are vain and fleeting. Our short lives with all their treasures early vanish away. May we be a family reunited in that glorious and unchanging home above, where no pain or sorrow ever will enter, and realize that sweet and per­fect rest, peace and joy, ascribing all the glory for the same to Christ the Lord.

Heavenly Father, have mercy on us, and ever bless my precious child.         




O my precious son! May God comfort, instruct, and guide you. I would thank the Lord for such a precious earthly treas­ure in this wilderness. And when called from hence, may we go near together, and be gathered in that happy home forever free from woe. You have been a great comfort and pleasure to your dear mother. God bless you son forever.

Look to the Lord, His word, His throne;
Look to His strength and not thy own;
There look and wait and look again;
Thou shalt not wait nor look in vain.

 May the Holy Spirit reveal Jesus unto you as your Redeemer and All in All, and the living God as your Eternal Father, and Heaven as your home. All things here are fleeting and fading, but the kingdom of God is eternal.

May God bless my child through Jesus, and prepare us for glory.

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