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Written by Lee Hanks   

Advocate and Messenger--1936
    “Some people seem not to discern the difference between the Gospel and the proclamation of the Gospel. The sound of the dinner horn is not the dinner, but is used to announce its preparation. The Gospel is the power of God; while the proclamation of the Gospel is simply the good tidings. Some men claim to carry the Gospel, when it is the Gospel that carries the man. We feel that of such ignorance comes not the Gospel, but a perversion of the Gospel.” - Eld. L. Potter.
    The Bible is a testimony of the Gospel. The golden bells ring­ing was not the High Priest and did not make him live for them or give them ears to hear. It was good news to Israel and nobody
else. The blowing of the trumpet did not bring Jubilee, or give Israelites ears to hear. The blowing of the trumpets was good news to God’s children, but the sound of the trumpets only announced a fact that already existed, -- good news to Israel. The proclamation of the Gospel is telling of something that has already taken place. The law is telling of something that has already been done -- a rule of action. De­scribing a steam engine does not draw the train, but we tell of the plower that does the work. This distinction should be made. A doctor's prescription is not what heals, but simply tells of the medicine that does the work.
    We must make a distinction between lightning and thunder. It is the lightning that does the work and not the thunder. It seems that the world thinks it is the thunder that does the work. The power is in the lightning, and lightning always precedes the thunder. The Spirit of God regenerates sinners before the preaching of the gospel comes to them with power and much assurance. For ''the preaching of the Cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God. But we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumbling block, and unto the Greeks foolishness; but unto .them which are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the Son of God, and the wisdom of God." Paul was here preaching the Gospel and telling really what the Gospel is. The Gospel in the true sense is what we preach, -- Christ and Him crucified is the substance of the Gospel. Preaching Christ in His fullness is good news and glad tidings to God's poor little children.
    Jesus preached the Gospel in His sermon on the Mount. He did not preach condition for His disciples to perform in order to be blessed but the poor in spirit, the mourning and thirsting souls are already blessed -- already have life before they are capacitated to receive the preaching of the Gospel -- already God's children. They are now prepared to perform good works. They are renewed in soul. The love of God is in their souls. They love Him because He first loved them. They love because they are born of God. Their love for the brethren is an evidence they have passed from death unto life. Now when they keep His commandments they give evidence to others that they are born of God and are His disciples.
    God's children are under obligations to obey Him. They should glorify Him in their bodies and spirits which are His. They should go home to the church and follow Jesus in baptism. We need God's little children in the Church. There is a sweet home await­ing them there. A blessed rest they find when they follow the Sav­ior. The Lord has built His church and put everything adapted to their wants there for them, but they cannot get the sweetness of it without going there after it. The wells are digged, the olive yards and vineyards are planted and the houses are built in Canaan­ (the church). All this was done for them. It is all of grace, but you must go over into Canaan to get the milk and honey. It is yours but you must go there to enjoy it. This is a personal matter with each little child -- a sweet home awaits you, gospel rest, and sweet fellowship. Fathers, mothers, brethren and sisters in Christ are in this blessed home. Poor little child, come and welcome.

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