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Written by G.M. Thompson   

Zion's Advocate--November 1876

DEAR BROTHER CLARK:—Through the goodness of and protecting mercy of our God I am yet I among the living and have sufficient strength to travel among the saints. O what blessed privilege it is to meet with God’s dear children and talk of the power of our God and the glory of his kingdom.

I left home on Thursday the 28th of September and reached Nettle Creek Church in Champaign Co., Ohio, to preach on Saturday, the 30th. I had a very pleasant meeting Saturday at 2 P. M., and at night, and Lord’s Day at 11 AM, and at night. During preaching at night, Lord’s Day, Elder, S. Williams had a severe fit, which interrupted the meeting and made our hearts sad. Monday morning brother Pence took me to Urbana, where I took the cars for Delaware, .Delaware Co , Ohio, where I was met by brother L Bishop and conveyed to his house for supper, after which we went to the Marlboro meeting-house and found a good congregation, and after preaching I went to brother Joseph Cole’s to rest over night. Tuesday, 3rd, Elder L. B. Sherwood conveyed me to Westfield Church, where we found a very small congregation, and after we went home with brother Place for dinner and preached at a school-house near him at night and staid with him all night, and were kindly treated by this dear brother and his wife and children. This is a weak church , and I think is in rather a cold condition. Elder Powell their Pastor.—Wednesday went home with brother Sherwood and spent the day very pleasantly with him and family, and preached at night in the Missionary Baptist house in Norton.

Thursday, 5th , spent the day with L Sherwood, and preached at night at Marlboro, and went home with brother Elms Cole, where I rested over Friday, 6th.—Saturday, 7th, I preached at Ashley, and alter preaching an opportunity was given by the church for experiences and one came forward and was received for baptism—a Mr. Shoemaker, a son of Eld. Shoemaker of Iowa. The congregation was small, but I believe the Lord was with us, and we all felt that it was good for us to be there. I took supper with brother Lewis D. Sherwood, and preached again at night to a good congregation, and spent the night with brother W. Ashbrook, where I was kindly cared for. Preached again on Lord’s Day at 11 o’clock and at night took dinner with brother Elisha Bishop and spent the night with Mr. Hugh Cole, who is a good friend to the Baptists and. I believe has been taught of the Lord, but is living in disobedience and often feels the rod of chastisement. May the good Lord dispose his heart to do his duty and therein realize the comforts connected with obedience. The Ashley church small church, but they are in peace and have the pastoral labors of that faithful and. beloved servant of Christ, Elder L. B. Sherwood.

Monday, 9th, called awhile at brother Elias Cole’s and then went to brother Joseph Cole’s and spent the day and night. This is a pleasant place to stop. The father, mother  and two daughters are Baptists and love to talk about the precious Saviour, and what he has done for their souls in delivering them from under the power of darkness and translating them into the kingdom of God’s dear Son.

Tuesday 10th, went to Elder L. B. Sherwood’s and took dinner with him went to brother Lewis D. Sherwood’s and rested over night.

Wednesday 11th,  Eld. L. B. Sherwood conveyed me to Pisgah Church, where we found a large congregation for a week day meeting. This is a pleasant church to visit. It has a living membership. Elder Jenkins is a member of this church, who is an able minister of all  the New Testament, and is beloved by all the churches. Elder J. Prickard is their Pastor, and is beloved by them as a faithful man of God. We took dinner with Elder Jenkins and at night we had a very large and attentive congregation at the Missionary Baptist house in Sparta, and after preaching went home with brother A. Mclick, ,whose door is always open to entertain Baptists. Several brethren and sisters were there with us, and the time passed pleasantly away. Thursday, Elder L. B. Sherwood went with me to Hartford Church where we met a met a small congregation, and at night had a meeting at brother Clark’s house. This a small church of warm-hearted brethren and sisters. They have passed through sore trials with the Arian Two-Seed people, but are now in peace, and I think will soon have some addition. Elder Hanover, their Pastor, was with us, and is considered an able defender of the truth. Friday, 13th, Elder Sherwood and myself visited old Elder Thomas W. Wigdon who was 96 years old the 4th of August last. He was baptized in the year 1800, in Luzerne Co., Pa., by Eld. Drake, and commenced preaching in 1814. He quite infirm in body, so that he does not preach much now, but is sound in the faith, and loves to talk about his hope in Christ. He feels ready to go at any moment as his good Lord may call him away from the toils and pains of this life to his home above where he will be free from sin and pain. We spent a pleasant hour with the old brother and then went to Marlboro where I spoke at night to a good sized and attentive congregation, and I spent the night with brother Cole. Saturday and Lord’s Day, the 14th and 15th, and the regular meeting at this church, and I tried to preach each day and night.—Lord’s Day Elder Sherwood baptized one and the church communed. This was a pleasant meeting and many of our cups were full and running over with joy. Some years ago this church passed through a so-God’s trial caused by an Arian Two-Seed Elder by the name of Biggs, but the Lord delivered them out of the scourge, and were it not for some little matters that I hope will soon be settled, the church would be in a prosperous condition, They have built them a good brick house for worship that is a credit to the church and the people who worship in it— Elder L. B. Sherwood is their Pastor—a man whose praise is in all the churches where he labors.

Monday, 16th, brother Joseph Cole took me in his buggy to Marion, Marion Co. , Ohio, where we took dinner with brother Mouser, und with company with brother Mouser and wife we went o Rocky Fork Church and preached at 1:00 PM, and at night. Took dinner after with Eld. Lewis Seitz, Jr., and enjoyed a pleasant visit with his interesting family, and spent the night with brother A. Britz where we were pleasantly entertained.—Preached again on Thursday at 10 o’clock, A M, at the meeting-house to a large congregation for week days, and took dinner with brother Hindman and then went to Marion, where I parted with brother Cole.

I have visited this church several times, they it is one of the pleasant places to visit. The and union seems to abound among, and I understand that they keep up social or prayer meetings. Elder Lewis Seitz is their Pastor, and is beloved by the church and all who know him: staid at brother Mouser’s until 3.15, in the night when I took the cars for Fort Wayne and. there I changed cars for La Gro, where I arrived at 1 PM and got home that night and found all well.

This trip was a pleasant one. I look back over it with pleasure, and trust I feel thankful to God for the comfort I had with the dear saints, and their kindness to me will not be  forgotten, (for my temporal needs were abundantly supplied by them) and if I never see them any more on earth while I live, I shall not cease to remember them in my feeble prayers, and I hope that when the toils of life are over, through the riches of divine grace, we may meet where the weary wilt be at rest and the wicked will trouble us no more. 

 “From sorrow, pain and death
And sin we shall be free.”
Yours, in hope of that better life.
G. M. Thompson
Pleasant View, Ind
November 4, 1876
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