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Written by Louise Frederick Hays   

From "The History of Macon County, GA" by Louise Frederick Hays:

The Church That Was Cut In Two

Just across the [Macon Co.] line in Taylor [Co.], but drawing much of its membership from Macon Co., was a Primitive Baptist Church called  Prosperity Church.  When Missions began to be a subject of discussion and disruption in the Baptist Churches, this church took the subject very seriously.  Wiley PASSMORE, a loyal contributor to the church, was opposed to Missions and determined that his church should not accept such ideas.  While the discussion was warmest, he called the roll of the members, causing the old believers to sit on the right and those accepting the new idea on the left.

The next day, he took his slaves and sawed the church exactly half in two from the roof to the foundation and moved the half which clung to the old Faith, so that it would not become contaminated.


Now THIS is what I would call a true church split! (DM)

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