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Written by A.S. Rowe   
Advocate and Messenger--June 1942
Elder Andrew J. Moore of North Carolina was a soldier in the Confederate Army, 1861-1865. He had suffered, been wounded, and had seen the land invaded and devastated by the Northern Army. Then he declared that never more would he have anything to do with another "Yankee". Several years after the War, Elder F. A. Chick, a man whom "none knew him but to love him, and none named him but to praise", a Down East Yankee born in Maine, but lived at the time in Maryland, visited Elder Moore's Association--The Kehukee--and while Elder Chick was preaching one of his God honoring, soul stirring and edifying sermons, Elder Moore became so enraptured that at the conclusion of Elder Chick's discourse, Elder Moore arose from his seat and publicly announced, "I love that Yankee!"

My father, the late Elder J. T. Rowe who was present at the time, related this incident often.

A. S. Rowe
Baltimore, Maryland
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