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Written by Hedley White   

Dear Friends,

Here is a sweet article by Elder Hedley White of Houston, Texas. I remember Elder White, he was known as the "one armed preacher" as he lost his left arm in an accident. Well, he may have lost an arm, but he didn't lose his first love.


The Banner Of Love--November 1947


To the Banner of Love and its many readers -- As I am now seated in quietness of my home, my mind goes back to the years of my youth where first I felt the love of sweet Jesus in my heart and soul. I was reminded of what the Bible said "return to our first love." Now, what does this mean?

If we would only do just that, there would not be any more room in our hearts for nothing but love and peace and sweet fellowship for every body. My great desire now, is to feel that I have that love shed abroad in my little heart to that extent I love God's dear children and I want their love and sweet fellowship.

God is love and he that loveth is born of God. I hope that I have tasted of His mighty love and the good things to come.

Now, lets go back to the first love. If we each would return to our first love, I feel peace would be in the midst of us, for I know I do not want to change up the Church in one way, for I found a resting place where my very soul could feast and drink for Jesus sake. He said draw nigh unto me and I will draw nigh unto thee. Let’s try that and get His blessing. All that His requests were made to His children. Ask and thou shalt receive, knock and it shall open unto thee.

I was permitted to go back and be in sweet services in the Church where I was raised, and had the sweet privilege of washing Elder R. V. Holleman's feet, the man who baptized me.

God bless him and his churches. I humbly pray for Jesus sake. I like to look on men like him and Elder S. N. Redford, T. A. Dunn, J. S. Newman and my blessed sweet dad H. White and many others. Let's return to our first love and receive that peace that comes through doing what our great Law-giver has commanded us. Yes, let's dwell together in unity.

H. G. White

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