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Written by R.Anna Phillips   


Zion’s Landmark, October 1898

“How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace, that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation, that saith unto Zion thy God reigneth.” Isa.52:4.

Above all people in this world I reverence, honor, and love those called of God to preach, and who do preach the pure unmixed gospel of Christ and salvation. And this calling exalts to a position high over all others; though perhaps none but the spiritual see it. And such always come to us in the meek and lowly spirit of Jesus, as when going up to Jerusalem and the Mount to be crucified. And not only ministers but all of God’s children who come directly into our hearts come in that spirit, whether by published or private letter or by person: while others, though coming in finer language and apparel are repulsed; and we cannot prevent it.

Then, how beautiful upon the mountains--the gospel mountains where Zion, lifted high above the world, is set the house of the Lord. Ps. 2:2,--are the feet of those who bring glad gospel tidings! And only such as come in the name and Spirit of Jesus can ascend in these mountains or bring these good tidings. So that when. a preacher comes to us with beautiful feet, as shod with the preparation of the gospel--and how quick to discern him by his feet, which also indicate his walk--how pleasant to hear our spiritual companions say, “come and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, the house of God and hear good tidings from God’s minister!” and ere we are aware he has led us up saying to Zion, The Lord thy God in the midst of thee--even where but two or three are gathered together in his name--is mighty, he will rejoice over thee, he will rest in his love. Zeph. 3:17. Then as he walks about Zion on her high and heavenly places and tells of towers and considers her palaces, we for the time unconscious of earth, follow rejoicing at the tidings--that these towers are of defense, refuge, protection and salvation; and are hung with every needed weapon of our warfare; and from whence we by faith see the King in his beauty, and the land that is afar off; so has the man which carried us in spirit where only such can; and instructed us and strengthened us as proving by our own heart’s experience that for us personally has God wrought all this, as only such may: and which answers to the immutable “shalls” and “wills” and decrees of God conch. ruing the new covenant and fulfilled by Jesus Christ in death, burial and resurrection. And these palaces,--our refuge from the storms and tempests of this life--from the sun’s heat and winter’s cold, and wherein we find rest our once given rest that remains, that we lost for the time by distrust, and enter by believing. And peace--he published peace also--”peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ by whom we find access into this grace whereby we stand.” (Rom. 5:7); in this restful “quiet habitation;”--yes, peace and prosperity within these palaces as that God is known a refuge here, and present help in time of need. And--blessed tidings!--where flows the stream that makes glad this city of God. Ps. 43: 8. Who can describe it! Then as a crowning tidings of good he proclaims to Zion “Thy God reigneth.”. The Lord who had said to Zion “I will be to you a God and you shall be to me a people,” and whom so loving he gave his beloved Son--his greatest treasure--the God almighty who made the heavens and earth and all the hosts and things thereof, and who has almighty power over all reigns to give her all things--to justify and glorify in heaven as more than conqueror over all things of earth and evil. Therefore if God be for her who can be against her? Then let her fear not nor be dismayed though the earth be removed and the heavens fall; thy God reigneth and will save thee. And we believed and entered into our palace of rest.

Such is the exalted province and power of the-preacher with beautiful feet--beautiful as shod with the preparation of the gospel, and abiding in the gospel mountain--as such only can--publishing the good tidings of eternal salvation through Jesus. Christ to the building up of the spiritual house, as such only may.

Then how unspeakably important these beautiful feet! What a contrast to the feet of those who come with feet shod with the preparation of the carnal mind and theories; and who stand in the bogs and marshes in the plains of the flesh and who walk about them--spotting their garments, publishing tidings of pride, strife, envy, covetousness, &c. to the edification of the world and flesh? And such must abide in these marshy plains, for soiled unseemly feet can never ascend and scale the battlements of Mount Zion, the spiritual house--”the habitation of God through the spirit;” “for God hath appointed salvation for walls and for bulwarks” about her; and thus she is secure--saved--from all unclean things. Hence, here alone walk and abide the beautiful feet as of those who alone may publish the gospel “in demonstration of the spirit and of power.” To soil the feet is to forsake this Mount of God. Then beautiful blessed feet! Blessed are they who are prepared and sent of God to publish the glad tidings of salvation in this holy mountain! Blessed are they who are enabled to go up and see light in the light of the Lord and hear the joyful sound! Blessed are all whose feet are shod with the preparation of the gospel; for lo, how beautiful!

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