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Written by R.W.Cothern   

Date unknown

Out of the still solemn hustle of V-E Day evening as the twilight hangs red on the western mountains, and the church bells continue to toll out a message that Thou wilt surely understand, we come to Thee, our heavenly Father, and would pour out the fullness of our tired hearts to Thee in secret prayer.

May the ardent prayers of the multiplied millions around the world go up as incense from one great alter today -- and wilt Thou hear and show Thy mercy to a heart-broken world?

Help thy people to sow anew the seed of love and peace, and let flowers grow once more in the bloodstained soil of the ravaged nations. We beseech Thee, O God, in tears, and out of tears hurt in our souls, to have mercy on us. Lead Thou our steps from day to day. Keep the flame of love alive in our fainting hearts.

May we not forget. Hear the prayers of our great national leaders, and turn not away from the cry of the lowliest beggar on the streets. Let clean soil cover the distorted figure of death, and soften the winds that breathe peace on the ravaged land, and may Thy footsteps be heard again on the ashes of burned cities as Thou seekest among the world's ruins for Thine own.

Hold Thou the dark picture of desolation forever before the eyes of the world lest we forget -- O Lord, lest we forget again.


R. W. Cothern

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