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Written by R.W.Cothern   

December 25, 1960

This is Christmas morning, a beautiful day, and I am a little lonesome, not being able to go to church. Mother and I have opened all our packages, and they were so lovely, it made me want to cry. I guess we are like every other old couple, we think our "Kids" are the best in the world.

Last night in my room, I was sitting and thinking of how useless, and unworthy I was and how I would love to enjoy again the felt presence of the good Lord, to give me courage, and comfort, and I turned on my old radio and just caught the end of a sweet little song---''He will come to you, if you ask him to, He is only a prayer away". This bore on my mind strangely and I finally fell asleep after tucking myself in and turning on my electric blanket and trying to take the singer's advice and "ask Him to"---and in my sleep I dreamed of seeing Angels coming toward me, and clustering around me. It all left me with a happy feeling. Funny things---these dreams, I KNOW they are just a dream, but even so, sometimes a dream can be a blessing to us. Guess I shouldn't tell such things, they seem so personal, strange, and so secretly attached to one's own feelings, but the moral is---"Ask, and ye shall receive"---He will come to you, if you ask him to. He is only a prayer away.

R. W. Cothern

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