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Written by J.H.Oliphant   


Dear Brother Goodson: —I visited the churches of Patoka Association, principally in Pike county, Ind, last month: Little Zion, Harvey’s Creek, White River, Pleasant Ridge, Lynnville and Pleasantville. These were all churches that I had never visited, except Lynnville. I had met with Brothers J. W. Richardson and W. S. Greene, and had long desired to visit the churches above named. I can truly say that I am thankful that, I made the visit. I formed many acquaintances that I shalt not forget while I keep my mind. I felt that though we were strangers in the flesh, we were even kindred.

There were three additions by experience at Little Zion, and one at Pleasantville. I can say I feel at, home among these brethren. I love them from my heart, and hope they may long enjoy the peace and prosperity they now enjoy. They were as kind-hearted brethren and sisters as I have ever met. I spent two nights with brother and sister Richardson, which was a great comfort to me. I also spent one night with brother and sister Greene. I greatly enjoyed my visit with them.

I then went to Providence church, where brother Strickland lives, and of which he has the care. I had been at this church at different times, and I love the company of these brethren. We had a happy meeting. Brother J. T. Oliphant met me here. I felt that we were blessed with humility and grace to serve God acceptably. Our dear brother Strickland seemed to be in an excellent spirit. At this church there was one joined by experience, and two young men were restored. I felt that it was to good to be there.

It was a task to me leave such kind friends and brethren. I spent two nights with brother Strickland, whose company was manna to my soul, and the members of his family were equally dear to me. May God ever be with him and family, and give them such assurance of their hope that they may live in constant sunshine.

From there J. T. Oliphant and I went from that Church to Fort Branch, where we were met by our beloved brother Hume. I was rejoiced to meet him. Although I felt unworthy of the attention I received from the brethren especially the ministering brethren, on this trip, yet it was comforting and very encouraging. Also brother Reed’s account of his visit in Ohio cheered me.

Oh, brethren, God has not, and will not desert us. He will sustain us through. I rejoice to see the spirit of peace that is manifest in brothers Thompson, Sears, Dudley, Burnam, Pence and Goodson, and many more, too numerous to mention. I feel that we cannot he torn asunder while such a spirit of love us maintained. United, we stand we are strong, and our enemies know it. Divided, our glory is departed, and we go mourning with dreary hearts. Oh, DEAR brethren, let us pray God to reign among us, to keep us humble, and still gladden our hearts with good news from the churches.

I reached home safely and found all well, thank the Lord.

P.S. Brother Goodson: —I am receiving orders every mail for my book, “Final Perseverance of the Saints” I have none on hand, and have had none for nearly two years. I only had 3000 printed, and the type was not preserved. I hope the brethren who have written to me for the book will receive this as a reply to their cards to me. I have thought of reprinting the book. I think I could get them so as to furnish them at $4 per dozen, postpaid. The brethren and friends near me are supplied, and I should have to depend on brethren at a distance to take them. If any brother desires to republish it, I will give him the copyright, or if the brethren think the cause demands it, I will republish it. I will agree to furnish to the patrons and brethren at cost, and not ask a cent profit to have it reprinted. I make this proposition: Let all our brethren who can use them, write how many they will take at $4 per dozen, and if I should receive orders for nearly $1,000, I will at once have it reprinted. If Bros. Goodson or Burnam wants any of them, we could exchange for subscriptions to the paper. I hope the brethren in different States will notice this and write me. I have had orders for more then 1,000 since I sold out and I think I could sell them, but I shall have to pay cash for printing and will need money to do it with.

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