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Written by R.W.Cothern   

April 15, 1950

It is Easter Sanday, and blowing another sandstorm and the long lonesome afternoon drags slowly away. Nelda Jo took the ear and went to town - wife is reading her favorite magazine, and I lay down to sleep but could hear only the wind - the hollow empty sound of the wind.

Going over the past I feel that life has more or less been like the sound of the wind--hollow, dry and empty. I have been such a miserable failure. I wonder if I ever did anything right or worthy. Then I thought of a Scripture that suddenly brings tears to my eyes-"Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden" The invitation is to those that labor. Do you struggle and labor some times? Does the path lead up the steep and stony mountain? Do you quake and fear? Do you cry when your heart aches with loneliness? Then Jesus is talking to you! "Come unto me." There is also something else for you to do when you COME. Oh I know we all flock to Him in distress (as a hen gathers her brood under her wings.) Then when the trouble is past we relax right back into indifference. But Jesus continues -- Take my yoke upon you and learn of me. Have you been a real man for Jesus sake and shouldered ALL the rightful responsibilities of a true disciple?

Maybe you have finished four years in college but have you really sat at His feet and "learned of me?" Maybe you finished your full eight years and have your doctor's degree or maybe you have been a successful business man and now you hunger and thirst for a soul-wealth that can not be either bought or sold ........ have you sat long at the feet of Jesus: consecrated, submissive to "Learn of Me?" Remember the Lord "led Jacob about and instructed him." When we come to Him ........take His yoke upon us and "Learn of Me" then the promise is "ye shall find rest to your souls."

The poor, tired and despised Samaritan woman cried out "Sir give me this water that I thirst not, neither come hither to draw!"

Some times the way grows dark and storms sweep us almost away .... we labor and toil only to starve and weep. O could it be that Jesus means one like me when he saith, "Come unto me."

R. W. Cothern.

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