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Written by Montgomery/Wiggens   


The Aftermath

Since the division above spoken of the churches of this association have withdrawn fellowship from A. H. Nance on the charge of trying to force unsound discipline on them. He also refused to give up his credentials or show them when called on. E. I. W.

The above letter was read and approved at the old Mt. Enon Association, contending for the doctrine of unlimited or absolute predestination of all things.
        J. H. MILES,                         ELDER J. W. FUTCH,
        Clerk.                                    Moderator.

      To all the faithful in Christ Jesus, I wish to indorse the statements made in this pamphlet in regard to the division of Mt. Enon Association as I was present at that session in the fall of 1906, I was impressed, as I hope by the Lord, and not by invitation of any one, to go to South Florida and I took my wife and went. We arrived in Plant City, Fla., on Wednesday eve. before the second Sunday in November. We there learned that Mt. Enon Association was to convene Friday following at Orlando, Fla., and I was asked if I would go, but being a stranger to all concerned, I did not care to go, but being impressed as I hope, of the Lord, I went, and when I saw they were divided on doctrine, some believing in time conditional salvation and some believing in unlimited predestination, I took no public part in the trouble till the unlimited predestinarians were ordered out of the house; then I walked out with them as I believe and preached that doctrine. Your servant in trials and afflictions,

After Division in 1906, Old Mt. Enon association was left with eight churches two that stood unanimous in the doctrine and a remnant of six other churches, total members, 190 and six Elders. They had to go through many hard saying and misrepresentations and a few turned back and went conditional and when they took up the old form of government it cut off Elders, A. H. Nance and F. M. Carlton and threw two churches in disorder which was dropped from the association but there were two other churches constituted which left the association with the same number of churches which had been sifted and refined until they stood almost as one man in doctrine and discipline. They had to go through many hard sayings and misrepresentations both far and near but they were living in peace and happiness with each other. Now after A. H. Nance and F. M. Carlton was cut off, it left the association with four Elders but Bro. Dan Arnold was ordained to the ministery which gave them five Eiders in the association. Two churches became luke warm and became dead to the body which left six churches which was established both in doctrine and discipline ever ready to give a reason of their hope in Christ Jesus, earnestly contending for the faith once delivered to the saints. But it pleased the Lord to call in all the old Elders and Leaders of the association. Elder J. W. Futch and old Father in Isiril, the most highly esteemed among the churches was the first to be called or taken away from the association. He takened sick and passed away. Not long after, his Son W. O. Futch was ordained to the full work of the ministery. Next Elder Webb was taken sick and passed away and Elder Haines became afflicted and went North for his health. Next Elder Brown was taken very suddenly and died.

Now the Conditionals had profisied that the old Absoluters would go to nothing when Elders J. W. Futch and Peter Brown died out so they began to feel around for a compromise but they got no encouragement while Elder W. O. Futch was young in the cause, he came in preaching the doctrine with so much firmness and boldness that it gave the churches new courage and they gave him all the encouragement they could but he felt the burden that was laid upon him was so heavy it looked as if he would break down some times with all the encouragement the churches could give him but almost to the surprise of the association there came a call for ministerial aid to ordain Bros. H. A. Sloan and B. B. Simmons to the ministery. Elders Dan Arnold was sent from DeSoto County. W. O. Futch from Mt. Enon and a deacon from the same church. They met and having no experience in this kind of work they takened the Bible for the man of their councel and formed a Presbytery and ordained them to the full work of the ministery and it was not long before Brother Mitchell Hicks was ordained and set apart to the full work of the ministery then later on brother Cal Simmons was ordained and set apart to the full work of the ministery.

As the old absolute Predestinarian Baptist is not popular with the world they haven't prospered much in number but the association has six orderly churches and five ordained Elders while those Elders are all young and inexperienced in the work of the ministery and having no leader they took the Bible as their guide and they have not learned how to modify or smooth over the scriptures to please men. It teaches them that if they abide not in the doctrine they have not God and to except nothing that is contrary to sound Doctrine and to know no man after the flesh for Doctrine is Discipline and Discipline is Doctrine but the compromiser hates discipline and is trying to rule it out of the churches he is denying the doctrine and is without God for discipline is doctrine and he is always trying to creep in unawares to spy out your liberty. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He loves popularity and hates government and he is here to stay and the most of them are non foot washers but if you will watch for his tracks you will soon catch him. Now Brethren I am going to stop and leave it up to you to fix.

After Division in 1906 the conditionals held a council meeting and formed themselves into an association and assumed Mt. Enon-for its name and they kept up the number of sessions that the old orthodox Mt. Enon association had held but the first session was held in 1907. Making them 15 sessions up to 1921. They also kept up the names of the old churches and gives the dates they were constituted in order to make it appear that they are really the old Mt. Enon association which has held 49 sessions up to 1921. They being popular with the world have increased fast in number they have about 19 churches with a membership of over 1,000 with 13 Elders, names of Elder E. J. DeVane, M. L. Gilbert, E. J. Harvill, J. T. Hancock, Joe Hudson, E. N. Anderson, S. Inrnan, W. T. Kelly, J. H. Strickland, Moses Lightsey, F. M. Carlton, W. A. Sills, T. J. McMullen, their contributions at last session was a little over $143.00. Will close,

Your Brother in Hope,
Deacon E. I. WIGGINS

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