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Written by David Montgomery   

July 23, 2002

Dear Friends,
It is with great sadness that I learned of Murl Dalton's death. This dear man was a good friend of mine and I have had many wonderful experiences with him. I served as his pastor for seven years and baptized two of his grandchildren. I traveled to church meetings with him,  we ate many a meal together and we spent a lot of time talking on the phone. Indeed, I cannot count the many wonderful hours of fellowship we have had together. We have lost a great man and there no one who can fill his place.
When I moved to San Antonio in 1983, Brother Murl called me repeatedly to see how I was doing. He often invited to his home for a meal and conversation. As I was so lonely in those years, the invitations meant a lot to me. He was concerned about people and did what he could to help them.  He never lost his zeal for the Kingdom; he was always concerned and never felt that he did enough. No one could question his sincerity....all admired him for his passion and devotion to the church and to the cause of Christ.
I remember in 1998, when San Antonio was overcome with flooding; we had called off Sunday services for many of the roads were impassable. Brother Murl called and asked if there was anyway that I could come to his house and preach to him and his family. I was able to make it over there and as I walked into his home, I felt a little like Peter walking into the house of Cornelius. There was Brother Murl and Sister Claudia along with their three children and many grandchildren waiting for me to arrive. We sang a few songs, had prayer and I preached to them while sitting in Brother Murl's easy chair. I felt the Spirit of God gently descend upon us in that living room and it was a very spiritual experience for me.
Less than 2 weeks ago, Brother Murl called me for what would be the last time. He said that he missed me and wanted for us to get together for lunch after he retuned from his trip to south Texas. Sadly, that lunch date will have to be postponed for a little while. We will keep it though, in a far better world where there are no worries, stresses nor disappointments, but where all is peace and love.
So with these words, I offer this tribute of love and respect to my good friend and father-figure: Brother Lemuel Murl Dalton. My thoughts and prayers are with Sister Claudia and the rest of the family; but my heart is where Brother Murl is now....in Heaven, the "Eden of Love."
In His service,
David Montgomery

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