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Written by David Montgomery   

In my feeble attempts at studying our church history, I have noticed a trend occurring when extreme form of particular doctrines rears in a particular place. That is, the church bodies that endorse these doctrines, dwindle and eventually pass away. This is true across the board. Please notice these examples in regard to the doctrine of "the absolute predestination of all things":

There are a very few "absoluter" churches left in Texas, but they are really too weak to be counted and one by one, they are disbanding.

Several years ago, I stood in front of the former East Atlanta PB church building in Atlanta, GA. It is a beautiful building, but alas! the building is all that remains. It went down to three members and they sold the building to a local artist to use as his studio. Several pulled out of East Atlanta church in the  1920's when a majority of the members endorsed absolutism. These who pulled out formed the Bethany PB church. Bethany is still with us. East Atlanta is not.

At the early part of this century, the Primitive Baptists were flourishing in Oregon and Washington. Absolutism crept in and the churches quickly died.

The once great Kehukee Association boasted crowds close to 10,000 at her meetings in the 1920's. Now, she is down to 50 members in the entire association.

There were once several Primitive Baptist churches in Maine. They went absoluter and now the buildings serve as museums. The same can be said of many churches in other States in the northeast.

Do not these examples present an important point? The point is; that once these bodies embraced the absoluter doctrine, the judgement of God was against them and we see the result. If this can be denied, then please deny it but give me historical facts to bolster your claim.

When I hear one of the brethren endorse these extremes, red flags go up in my mind and I think to myself, "I pray that they will be taught the way more perfectly and their views do not spread. Otherwise, it will kill that church." History proves this to be correct.

In His service,

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