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Written by S.N.Redford   

"Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven? This same Jesus which is taken up into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven."--Acts 1:11. 

"For the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trump of God."--1 Thess. 4:16.

 "And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you unto myself."--John 14:3.

I have quoted the above scriptures to show that the doctrine of the second personal coming of our Lord is a Bible doctrine. If I know my heart, I love the doctrine of God concerning any point. That Jesus will descend to the earth again is clear to my mind, and where is the saint that does not love this precious thought? For when He comes, He is coming for the purpose of taking His bride home. He is coming with power and glory such as no earthly monarch ever had, for every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess.

 When He was here before in person, He was as a "Cart pressed full of sheaves." He was bearing our sins. He was a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief ; and although He was Lord of heaven and earth, yet they condemned Him to death. They spat upon Him, and placed a mock crown upon His head. His bruised and mangled body hung on the shameful cross between two thieves. He will not come that way the second time, but will come "with- out sin unto salvation." He will come with a shout  of triumph ; He will come in power and glory to gather up His jewels ; He will come come for His poor downtrodden people who long for His appearing. No doubt the host of heaven will come with Him, and all the saints will meet to part no more. His coming will be as the lightning that shineth from the east to the west. It will be instantaneous. His bride will shout for joy at His coming, while an immense throng will cry for the rocks to fall on them and hide them from His glorious face. I am glad it is Jesus who is coming, for Jesus knows how poor, weak and un- worthy I am. Jesus is the poor sinner's friend and I am a poor sinner.

Jesus is our Captain. He is coming to deliver. None could keep Him from coming the first time. He came in due time at the appointed time ; and just so, at the appointed time, He will come the second time. Not only so, but "He will not tarry." When the hour appointed rolls around ; when all for whom Christ died have been quickened into divine life ; then Jesus will come for His bride. No power in earth of hell can hinder Him from coming. His people are the purchase of His own blood, the trophies of His grace. He loves them with an everlasting love. He suffered the torments of hell for them ; He has gone to prepare a place for them, and heaven will never be filled with any other people than His chosen and redeemed children. Can we say, "Even so, come Jesus?" "This same Jesus" yes, the very Jesus with the nail prints in His hands, the same Jesus whose side was pierced, the same Jesus who once lay in the cold and silent tomb is coming for us. May the Lord help us to watch for His coming and be ready when He comes. The second personal coming of Christ argues strongly that none of His sheep will be lost. lost.

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