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Written by David Montgomery   

Dear Friends,

After spending three years putting together the ministers book, spending most of that time in reading old articles, obituaries, biographies, autobiographies and conversing with certain who personally knew the ministers; I discovered certain traits that marked practically all our outstanding ministers. You might be interesting in reading a partial list of these traits and I will oblige. Here are the top three...again, this I have ascertained from three years of research.

1. They were very familiar with the Holy Scriptures.
2. They were noted for their lively sense of humor.
3. They were careful to spend time with the young people.

The first and third attribute were not surprising to me, but the second one was. After thinking it over, I concluded that as these men were all busy engaging in their holy calling, which required them to be absent from their families, striving to maintain peace and harmony in the face of heresy and designing people, and to preach often over 300 times a year, a good sense of humor was a very important attribute. It gave their minds a break from the serious work they were doing and the opportunity to enjoy the lighter side of life was important to them.

It seems to me that we are living in a completely self-absorbed and oh-so-serious generation. If there is any humor found in our day, it is often limited to the bawdy and burlesque. I have heard today's sense of humor described as "bathroom humor" and I feel that label describes it accurately. This was not the case with previous generations. Folks then mainly laughed at themselves or at silly human nature. As times were so much harder and just getting enough to eat took a day's hard work, when a lighter moment arrived, they relished it. Now, in these days of leisure, we've become lovers of our own selves and if there is any laughter, it is often the aforementioned bathroom humor or (almost as bad) humor that biting, callous and sarcastic. In the past, people laughed AT themselves or WITH others....now we just laugh AT others.

In some of my writings, I have tried to exhibit the lighter side, for I see so much moroseness among us today; with so many of us wearing paper thinned skin with our hearts on our sleeves. I do not want to be offensive but I just want us to consider ourselves and to stop for just a moment and enjoy life. There is nothing wrong in enjoying life for it is a precious gift from our Lord. He gave us the ability to laugh....it can be a good thing if used honorably.

Dear friends, I do not know why I wrote this little article but these thoughts came to me and I wanted to share them with you. Have a wonderful day.

In His service,
David Montgomery

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