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Written by John R. Daily   

The Gospel Messenger—March 1918

“For the angel of the Lord descended from heaven, and came and rolled back the stone from the door, and sat upon it. His countenance was like lightning, and his raiment white as snow: and for fear of him the keepers did shake, and became as dead men.”—MATT. xxviii, 2-4.

Not a word was spoken, yet what a wonderful sermon was preached! In behalf of the glory and majesty of heaven and to the powers of earth a proclamation was made that declared the former and bade defiance to the latter. A dazzling tableau was presented, too dazzling for human eyes. Omnipotence displayed divine glory and power.

Let the imagination exert its utmost stretch in attempting to picture the scene. See the sepulcher with its closed door; its door closed by a stone with the seal of the king upon it. See the Roman guard standing about, armed and ready to strike death to any human intruder. The morning twilight begins to spread over the doleful scene. More glorious than the mighty orb that gives birth to the twilight comes a messenger from the glory-world. Silently that messenger approaches the dark receptacle of the body of Jesus. See the massive stone moves; the king’s seal breaks! On that stone sits the angel, his countenance like lightning and his rai­ment white as snow. Look! the armed guard, strong with physical power, proud of their valor, massive in muscular build, shake as a reed before the wind and fall to the ground as dead men! Over all beams the bril­liancy of the countenance and raiment of the angel. Si­lence reigns! Unseen by mortal eye, the Lord of Glory arises and steps forth, a mighty victor over death and the grave, subsequently to be seen by many witnesses.

There is so much in this silent sermon! It is preached that man’s opposition to God, as the instrument of Satan is futile. It is preached that Jesus was not an impostor, as His enemies declared Him to be. It is preached that His death upon the cross for the sins of His people has efficacy so as to fully satisfy for all their sins. It is preached that He is a living Saviour, ever living to make intercession for all for whom He died. It is preached that He will ultimately give to all of them the victory He has thus gained and make them everlasting sharers in that victory.

We now leave the reader to read the text again, or rather the sermon, and meditate upon the silence and effectual nature of it.


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