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Written by S.A. PAine   

Primitive Monitor—Circa December 1904

Dear Brother Thompson:—I read the March number of the MONITOR with peculiar interest and appreciation. I note with interest the stability and steadfastness of its contributors. No paper can prove a blessing, but rather a curse, to any cause, that will lug into its columns apologies for those who are persistently, yet cunningly, antagonizing the cause to which such a periodical is devoted. The first question is, are we right? If so, in the service of God and in the face of men, let us stand unswerv­ingly at our post, eliminating everything from our teachings and fellowship that God would disown, and that tends to conform the church to the iniquitous flattery and suggestions of the world. “My kingdom” says Jesus, “is not of this world.” It owes its existence to its great Builder, which is God; its perpetuity, to the laws and decrees of Heaven. For this reason it is invincible. Individuals, even in her borders, may break ranks and conspire to their ut­most against her; but this, when persisted in, only results in their inevitable landing in outer darkness, where there is “wailing and gnashing of teeth,” while she (the church) remains on the “Rock” of her original planting, with the faithful and tried cling­ing tenaciously with love and reverence to her sacred palaces. God has given her the sacred right and en­joined it as a binding duty to, “Be ye separate,” to ‘~continue steadfastly.” This can only be done by excluding from her precincts such as endanger her peace by the introduction of new doctrines or meas­ures not known in the prescription of her King.

Especially was I impressed with Brother G. A. Bretz’s article, “Try the spirits.” While I have never met this man of God, yet I am peculiarly drawn to him through the medium of his editorials. I never expect to see the church outnumber the societies of the world, for “the bondwoman hath more children than she that hath a husband.” I rejoice to see the churches grow in numbers of the right material, and for this reason, together with many scrip­tural reasons, I feel it a duty to advise and exhort the Lord’s people to this duty. It is equally the duty of the church to reject such as bring a discord or destroy the peace of Zion.

I have, I hope, a brotherly sympathy and a heart full of endorsement for our Eastern brethren who are so courageously and firmly placing their veto upon the recent departure, such as was fully born in the St. Louis convention. I have the utmost confidence, dear brethren, that God will own and bless you for your untiring and faithful adherence to the true virtues of the “Bride” adorned for her “Hus­band.”

We have been absolutely free in Texas from such innovations, but not free from antichrist in other forms. The clouds for awhile were thick and heavy. In Texas men’s souls and faith have been fully tried. But the Lord gave us men in plenty who stood with their feet firmly planted in the good old path, many times, or in many instances, requiring, it seemed a sacrifice of everything but truth. Happy thought! in the darkest and most desolate hour God was there, and has led us to sweet peace and union throughout our State. We are “forgetting the things behind.” The things which for awhile so much engaged our ministry is now seldom referred to in the stand. Jesus is preached, not in battle, but in love. The fields are blooming unto the harvest, and God’s peo­ple are once more enjoying a day of sunshine. But who knows how soon we may be tried from some other quarter? May we all ever be equipped for the sacred duties of life, that we may perform them in love and gentleness, yet firmly and uncompromisingly. Above all should we endeavor to please the Lord, and by that means we will comfort and strengthen his faithful elect on earth. Besides, we will enjoy the Fatherly protection of his own hand and daily drink from the refreshing springs of his eternal love. Blessed living water! It is found in the valley, on the mountain, in the desert, yes, in every condition of the life of the faithful.

May the Lord prosper the MONITOR in sending comfort to the hearts of many.

Yours in bonds of love and fellowship,      




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