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Ten Reasons Why I Am A Primitive Baptist PDF Print E-mail
Written by David Montgomery   

Dear Friends,

I was recently asked why I was a Primitive Baptist and wrote the following in response.

1. Primitive Baptists do not put on "airs". They are down to earth, simple people. That is a virtue in my book. My Dad was raised in a "high" Episcopal church. When he started going to the Primitive Baptist church after he married my Mother, his first impression was that these people were the friendliest he had ever met. After my older brother Mike was born, they went to an Episcopal church. They were stared down by the congregants for daring to bring a small infant into the service. That did it for him. Henceforth they went only to the Primitive Baptists and he joined the church shortly thereafter.

I have been to PB churches across the nation. My experience is, for the most part, PB's are the same friendly people throughout. I have been to churches for the first time, and felt like I have known the people there all my life.

2. Primitive Baptists are generous, willing to help others in need. After I graduated from college and spent 6 months looking for work, I stayed free of charge in many PB homes. They fed me, carried me to interviews and best of all, they prayed for me. One time, several years ago, I stayed the night with a brother whom I had never met before. He had to work that day so he lent me his car so I could go to meeting. The "car" turned out to be a Mercedes Benz!!!!!!

3. Primitive Baptists have a good understanding of Church history. Ask any Missionary Baptists what happened in 1832 and they will probably say, "wasn't that when they fought the War of 1812?" Most PB's though can tell you what happened. Most PB's know who Novation and Polycarp were.  Most of our Elder's libraries will contain Hassell's History, Jones's History, Newman's History, Ivey's history of the Welsh brethren, and others. Most will contain the various confessions of faith that have been written through the history of the church.

4. Most have remained true to the doctrines of sovereign grace. They confess the doctrines of Election, Predestination, Foreknowledge, Effectual Calling, Adoption, Holy Spirit Regeneration, etc.

5. When the Spirit anoints, their singing is as the sound of Angels.

6. When the Spirit anoints, the preaching speaks right to your soul the voice of the Savior.

7. The children are brought right into the worship service and taught by a man of God. Yes, they are suffered to come and are forbidden not. They learn the Bible by hearing the blessed preaching and then (should be) expounded the Word at home by their parents.

8. The Ministry is taught by the older ministers as Paul taught Timothy who was then commended to teach faithful men who should be able to teach others also. We strive to follow the Biblical pattern in ministers are to be called of God to preach His Gospel. Just because a man wants to preach does not automatically qualify him to the ministry. To some, a minister's credentials are what Seminary he attended.

9. We use the King James Version.

10. We don't mind long winded preachers when they are blessed of the Lord to preach.

If I had time, I could think of a lot more, but alas, I must leave off.

In His service,
David Montgomery

Last Updated ( Monday, 18 September 2006 )
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