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Written by J.S. Newman   

For several years. I have thought seriously about writing the history of our people in Texas. My idea all the time has been to present in miniature such parts of the history of our people as would be interesting and profitable to them. In this work I will endeavor to present the history of our people just as they have made it. Our people in Texas have had many things to contend with and no doubt they have made many mistakes. Many of our people have been murdered by the Indians and Mexicans, It is no rare thing to plow up the bones of human beings that no doubt were murdered by the savage Indian and Mexicans. Many of the earlier churches were broken up on account of the cruel hostilities of the Indians and Mexicans, and thus I find it difficult, and in many instances impossible, to give anything like a full account of the history of some of our churches.

Texas has for years been the border state, and therefore a kind of shelter and health resort for many that were doctrinally and practically diseased. In some parts of Texas: our churches and people are almost extinct, caused first by a foreign element coming in and buying up the land, and secondly, our people have for the last twenty tears been emigrating to Old and New Mexico, California, the Territories and to other countries.

Two-seedism and fatalism, were among our people when they first began in Texas. The Baptists in Texas have had two-seedism in all of its ramifications to contend with; and have therefore had to suffer the consequences of the baneful continuance of the same. A few years ago a few preachers, began, to preach that God had just as definitely and accurately fixed the wicked acts of men and devils as He had the salvation of sinners. This brought about another war and I am confident that during the war many random shots have been made, and that innocent men and women have suffered for following preachers in their extreme views on predestination In our war with the two-seeders and those who believe that God predestinated sin as positively as He did the salvation of sinners, I have let the contending parties tell their own story.

The history of our people in Texas has never been written. Such an attempt is made for the first time in the present volume. In writing this book I have tried to have the most scrupulous regard and consideration for accuracy, I am conscience of having in any instance suffered in what might considered my preference to influence, much less to direct me in the preparation of this work. You will find registered in the following pages, in a concise way and yet in a comprehensive manner the results of my earnest and reflections on the doctrine and practice of our people from their beginning in Texas to now to now. It has been my object in presenting this book to our people to make a true rather than an immediately popular history being as I am convinced that though error may prosper and meet with favor and approval for a time, truth alone can stand the fiery trial of a rigid examination and live in coming years. I know that my days are fast passing away and that I shall soon be forgotten, yet the hope lingers around my heart that when I am done the truths that I have tried in my feeble way to preach will still be loved and cherished by the people I have lived with and want to die with. In no spirit of controversy is this volume sent forth. It is not my intention to kindle strife but to per down the acts of our people just as they have occurred. It is hoped ere the second volume of the history of our people in Texas goes to press that an adjustment of the local troubles can be truthfully recorded.

While I know I am very imperfect, I have not made one intentional mistake. If, under the blessing of God the Great Head of the church, this book should prove a blessing to anyone, the writer will not regret the expense and anxiety it has cost and caused him.



Glen Rose, Texas, May 16, 1905

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