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Written by S.N.Redford   

I have been requested to write a few articles on doctrine, however, in doing so I would not have anyone think that I set my views up as a standard.

I feel sure that the doctrine of God is deep and mysterious and many have made shipwreck of the faith in trying to fathom the depth and breath of the doctrine of God. Men have speculated to their own hurt and to the hurt of the Cause of Christ. They have become "wise above what is written." Men have built their arguments on no other foundation than imagination, thus leading God's dear people into confusion. It is not the doctrine that confuses God's people, but it is what men advocate for doctrine of God.

While the doctrine of God is "unsearchable," as Paul said "great is the mystery of godliness," I feel sure that enough has been said by inspired writers that we may be able to take a position on all points. I feel just as sure that it is highly important that we be established in doctrine. There are always "winds of doctrine" passing through the country. If you will show me a child who is not established, I will show you one will be tossed to and fro by these winds of doctrine. It is all right to preach practical godliness and so thus teach God's people how to walk. I have illustrated it in this way : A house with no studding, no bracing, cannot stand in a storm, perhaps it's own weight would bring it down. But a house well braced will resist great force.

Doctrine is comforting to God's people when it is brought home to them experimentally. With these assurances before me, I desire to set forth in a brief way the principal points of doctrine as I understand it is taught in God's blessed word. I feel sure if I can find what the doctrine was in ancient time, I will have found what the doctrine is at present, and what it will be for all time.

Principles never change. God is saving sinners now just like He has always saved them. I am aware of the fact that in setting up the doctrine of God, I am sure to meet with criticism, but I care not for that if I can but comfort and instruct His dear people. None can overthrow the doctrine of God. It will stand before the criticism of skeptics; it will bear the searchlight of reason, even true science will not conflict with God's eternal truth. Men may laugh to scorn and make all manner of sport of the truth as they did of Nehemiah when he was building the wall. "Tobias the Ammonite was by him, and he said, Even if a fox go up. he shall even brake sown their stone wall."-- Neh. 4:3

But this is not true; the wall of truth will withstand all the battering rams of Arminians, of Fatalism, either. The doctrine of God stands out against the doctrine of men and devils. It conflicts with every false doctrine that has ever been advocated. The true doctrine of God, I have thought, is to God's people what the pillar of fire and cloud was to Israel in the wilderness. It gave light to the Israelites, but it was darkness to their enemies. The doctrine of God illuminates the way of the poor children of God, but it con- fuses their enemies.


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