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Written by John R. Respess   

GOSPEL MESSENGER -- February 1887 

Our dear Brother Purifoy seems called of God to do the work, for a while at least, of an Evangelist. He is a very gifted brother, of an irreproachable life and worthy the love of the brotherhood everywhere. He writes us, "When I see and receive appeals from brethren in destitute places for help like the Macedonian cry, I am stirred up with the strongest desire to go to them. But alas! I cannot, being unable at times to go at my own charges; and who will help some one to go to them? Voluntary contributions from brethren and churches enabled the apostles, especially Paul, to go to destitute legions; and why does not the same spirit prevail now as it did then. Has the spirit of modern missionism, spreading Armenian principles based upon a humanized gospel, driven the people of God out of their duty? I still feel that I must give up all to go everywhere there is an open door to preach, the gospel that Paul preached, depending upon the Lord alone to sustain me, and leave it with him to open the hearts of his people to aid me in going into destitute regions, if his will." We are satisfied that Elder Purifoy is not actuated by any worldly motive in his work for he has given up a lucrative medical practice to the work he feels the Lord has called him to. And his labors are greatly blessed where he goes. We never saw a more wonderful stirring up of our church at Butler than when he was with us. In his travels he will act as agent for the GOSPEL MESSENGER. Now we trust that no brother will have an evil surmise about this as if we were hiring Elder Purifoy to work for the MESSENGER. We are not--we pay him nothing. With him it is a labor of love to introduce and aid the circulation of the MESSENGER, as he does in preaching the gospel. We have assisted him a little, as we have many other ministers with pecuniary aid in enabling them to go and feed the hungry and clothe the naked. It is our privilege to do it, and we wish we were able to do more of it than we do. It is true that we are not now as able as we used to be, but what we have given, we hold as a treasure laid up in heaven that thieves cannot get. We have lost much but that is safe, thank God. Christians have to give of their poverty.--R

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