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Written by John R. Respess   


Butler, Ga., March 1886

Christianity produces the highest order of civilization; because it checks effeminacy, waste, extravagance, hypocrisy, idleness, oppression, and builds up industry, honesty, economy, and all morality and robustness of thought and action. Christ teaches him neither  to waste his time nor his substance; and that it is much his duty to provide an honest living as it is to be baptized.

A great many so-called Christians, think they may go to meeting weeks at a time and neglect their business, and that God approbates such idleness because it is religious, as if religion consisted in going to meeting and ended when meeting was over. But the truth is that Christ’s religion is as much in the field, the store room, the work shop, as it is in the church house. A Christian does not go to meeting as if he conferred a favor on God by going, but the privilege of going he esteems a favor of God to him. The mere outward profession will fail in time of trial and persecution, whilst the profession in Spirit will be intensified by trials and persecution. He who merely goes in form can give it up without regret, whilst he who goes in Spirit has no rest in disobedience. The one is a mere convenience while the other is a necessity.---R.

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