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Written by R.Anna Phillips   

ZION'S LANDMARK -- May, 1891

Or, "Modus Operandi," in doing all things respectively as Commanded by the Lord in his kingdom, on earth. "See thou make all things according to the pattern shown thee in the mount," said God to Moses; showing how important that he implicitly observe the form, mode and manner of doing the given work, even to the minutest particular, as commanded. How emphatic and imperative this command! It is fulfilled in the gospel kingdom by a like observance of all things commanded by the law of Jesus Christ. To this end we are thoroughly furnished with patterns, or scriptures, showing in what way to perform respectively all good works, so that all things may be done decently and in order.

And since disorder, confusion and entanglement prevail among some churches in different localities, and much of it caused by disregarding this one right way, or by attempting the right thing in the wrong way, thus trying to remedy one wrong by another, and with the above results, I deem it timely to try to impress the importance, Yea the actual necessity, of turning again to "the right ways of' the Lord,"- especially in a disciplinary sense; and which alone will eventuate in permanent peace and order of these churches. I have heard it said, "If you have the right spirit in which to do a thing, it does not matter as to the way or mode of doing it." But remember David had the right spirit in wanting and intending to bring the Ark back to Jerusalem: yet while he knew the one right way of its removal was as borne on the shoulders of the Priests--"all the people consenting," doubtless with gladness by the priests as shifting the burden from' their shoulders,, he turned: from this right way, and, in so far conforming to the world adopted the more convenient and agreeable mode of the Philistines in moving the Ark and placed it on a new cart; and the result was the wrath of the Lord was kindled, somebody was killed, a breach made, and the Ark was left behind. I Cor. 15:13. All for not following "after the due order" commanded by God.

While there is but the One right way to do a given work, there are many wrong ways to attempt, or imitate it. In every wrong way there is always stumbling; always a need of propping; always a wounding breach; and always resulting in more general confusion and disaster to all engaged. Let all the leaders of today who have thus brought confusion and disaster to churches, do as David did ,after his failure; reconsider and follow "after the due order" appointed by God and bring in the Ark of peace and safety. For this rule applies to all disciplinary work. For instance, if there is a general or public offense, follow the one right way and report it to the common Lord, or directly to the church of the offenders membership, to whom alone he is responsible, according to Matt, 18:31. If there is personal offense, follow the given pattern as the one right way for reconciliation, or to bring it to the church as commanded in Matt. 18:15,17. If a brother is overtaken in a fault, let Him alone that is spiritual restore him, and in the spirit of meekness &c. None else need try. The same rule that applies to members of the one body, or church applies to churches of the one body. We have seen that to do a right thing in a wrong way, results only in greater evil, how much more to attempt to remedy one wrong by another.

Associations may be wrong,. but let us not do a dozen wrongs to demolish this one. As a traditional house let us not impatiently tumble it down while some are still standing close to it, lest we bruise or bury them under the tailing debris. Let us not do despite to the spirit in the weak, to sustain it in the strong. Let us not bite and devour brethren to get them right, or try to overcome error with error. Let us not profess the Spirit of Jesus, or love and long forbearance, while we carry a bag of stones and a probe for motes. Oh for that mantle of charity wherewith Jesus covered my greater sins to cover the less of those of my brethren for whom Jesus died.

R.A. P.


Sister Phillips is well known, in her gift to many of the readers of LANDMARK. Formerly she wrote much for it. She is now connected with it in the editorial department. Her post office is Macon, Ga.

We trust her gift will be useful to the household of faith and her labor pleasant and agreeable to her own love of truth and her love for the Lord's people.

We desire our brethren and friends in Georgia and elsewhere to come to our relief in sending in subscribers and communications, also to encourage sister Phillips in her labors. We feel that they love her and will appreciate her noble gift.


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