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Written by R.Anna Phillips   


Oh my Father, Lord above!
Let me hear thy voice once more;
Let me hear thy voice in love,
Sent in mercy to restore.
Calm where mighty billows roll,
Peace where anguish sways my soul;
Broken by infirmity,
Let thy glory rest on me.

Oh my Father, thou hast seen
Foes and battle all too strong,
Yet self-righteous and serene,
How I ventured far and long.
In mine own instead thy name;
Winning but defeat and shame--
Arm of God, strength reveal,
In my weakness set its seal!

Thus as victim fallen low
Neath a weight of guilt and shame--
As a captive bound by foe
Let me in thy gracious name
Plead with thee for Jesus's sake.
Bid my searching soul retake
Her house of rest, there abide
In advancing evening tide.

What though earthly arms explore;
Voices reach to ease my heart,
These combined cannot restore
Unto her rest; nor yet impart
Cleansing by thy word, to learn
Her hope renewed; nor return
That lost faith by which it lives;
That sweet peace that Jesus gives.

Oft before, again I learn,
Never more on self rely;
Never more to Egypt turn:
Never more my Lord deny;
By contrition's groaning prayer
Savored sweet as passing where
Jesus is, thy wrath restrain,
Let me hear thy voice again.

Sorrows over much are mine,
While I'm tempted, poor, and blind:--
These are Teachers to refine,--
Fill up sorrows still behind.
Struggling thus, I would rejoice,
If but listening to thy voice;
Thy voice with thy love is blent,--
Is thyself in loving sent.

Ah! till then I still must cry,--
Still my bitter stroke deplore,--
Still must send my prayer on high—
Searching access by thy door--
Burdened with this sad refrain--
Let me hear thy voice again,--
Let me Savior Lord divine
Hear thee whisper I am thine.


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