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Written by J.C. Denton   


Dear Bro. Hassell— With many others I have become more interested of late than ever before on the subject of prophecy, and I have read your article in the MESSENGER for November, 1895, on Eschatology; or, The Doctrine of Last Things, Cox’s Ex­position of Revelations, Graves’ Seven Dispensations, and some other writings, and it seems that The Anti-Christ, or Man of Sin of the last days is to be a man, an individual human being. Milyneux, as quoted by Graves, seems to prove this. He says: “Taking the Bible as our guide, it really seems strange that an other idea should be enter­tained of him. All the passages referring to the Man of Sin, his character, his acting and his end, with one accord proclaim him to be an individual man. All the attributes, circumstances, as well as appellations of individual human­ity, are addressed and ascribed to him. He is distinctly called and declared to he a man, ‘that Man of Sin’ (2 Thess. ii. 3), which of itself, and in the absence of any positive contradiction to it elsewhere in Scripture ought to he con­clusive; or, if not, it is difficult to know on what principle we are to understand the Bible, and arrive at fixed conclu­sions at all about its meaning. “In Rev. xiii. 18, again he is called a man” Here is wisdom; let Him that hath understanding count the number of the beast; for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred three-score and six. Also he is called ‘the son of perdition,’ (2 Thess. ii. 3); and so was Judas, but Judas was a man, and the natural inference is, that such also will be his anti-type. John says (i John ii. i8), ‘Ye have heard that antichrist (or, as it ought to be rendered, the antichrist) shall come; even now there are many antichrists.’ But who were these many antichrists? Who, but men—Christ-denying, un­godly men—but men! And who then, or what would be The Antichrist et to come, but a man too? “But, the fact that Antichrist would be an individual man was never questioned in the first and purer ages of the church; no other opinion then obtained or existed on the matter. The idea of a power or system, or even a series of individuals, being symbolized by ‘ The Man of Sin’ was utterly un­known. This sprang up in after ages, not from clearer un­derstanding or closer investigation of the prophetic word, but from straining circumstances of the times.’’

”He" (says Graves) “is to be one man, and the imperial head of the ten kingdoms of Europe—able to amass immense armies, make and break compacts and covenants."

”He is styled in prophecy, Gog, “chief of Rosh, Mesech and Tubal, and the King of the North,” which I (Graves) claim is some future autocrat of all the Russias, and his antagonist the Tarshish of the West, whose emblem is a lion—which clearly points to England,’’ etc.

England has been active in attempting to checkmate, and defend her interests against, this “wild beast’’ of in­satiable appetite for territory. She has annexed all India to her empire, with an eye upon a “scientific frontier which means one offering the most material defenses against the increasingly threatening attitude of Russia. While Gog of the north quarter is thus strengthening himself on the east, he is by no means inactive on the west,” etc.

This was written eighteen or twenty years ago, I suppose, and does it not seem that subsequent and current events are in harmony, to some, if not a great extent, with the view expressed? Both Cox and Graves agree in the view that we are about now entering into the perilous times of the last days; and you, Bro. Hassell, expressed that belief (or fear) a few years ago. Will you give us the benefit of such light as you may now have on this important subject?



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