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Written by G.M. Thompson   


ASHLAND, Mo., April 9th, 1884.

Dear Sister Clark:

The dear old paper, “ZION’S ADVOCATE,” comes to me every month, filled with interesting communications from the dear saints. It is pleasant to hear from our kindred in Christ while here in this land of sorrow and tears, where we have warnings without and fears within, and are at times, almost ready to give up and say: “Our beloved Zion will be swallowed up in the sea of delusion that is spreading over the land.” 

It is pleasant, at such a time, to find that we have kindred spirits, who have not bowed the knee to Baal, and have no compromise to make with antichrist. The letter of my dear Brother McInturff gave me a great comfort; and I hope that the great body of our brotherhood are so in love with the old paths that they will never leave then, nor suffer the old landmarks of Zion to he removed. As I said in my last letter to you: “Our brethren of the 12th century declared non-fellowship for all worldly institutions, doctrines, and practices, not taught in the Word of God,” and we have repeated the same thing in the 19th century, shew­ing that in doctrine and practice we are the same people.” “But,” says one, “these old non-fellowship resolutions had reference to the Roman Catholic Church and her errors, and not to things that have sprung up since.” This is true, and we have followed in the footsteps of our old brethren, and have not only declared non-fellowship for the unscriptural works of the old mother, but the inventions and unscriptural institutions got up by her daughters. The plan of sending missionaries under human patronage with all the machinery con­nected with that humanly devised system, is the offspring of the mother of harlots, or of some of her daughters. These facts history will prove beyond successful controversy.

“The Bible Society; if you speak against that, you are opposed to putting the Word of God into the hands-of the people.” While we are ready to contribute of our worldly substance, liberally to put the Word of the Lord in the hands of all, we are not willing to contribute to build up a vast, specu­lating monopoly in our land, called a. benevolent society, when it has grown rich on public contributions. Donate to any publishing house in the United States the millions that have been donated to the American Bible Society, and they would give us thousands of Bibles annually free, and get rich at that. Count up the donations that; have been made, and are annually made to the Bible Society, and there is no book in the market that costs as does the Bible. I have traveled over thirteen States of this Union, and I have never met a man yet that had a Bible given to him by the Bible So­ciety. About sixty years ago, the church at Lebanon, Ohio, with the other denominations of the town, contributed liberally to the Bible Society, and the sisters raised money and made my father a life member, that they might have Bibles to give to the poor. The money was sent to the; society, and a man by the name of Lowery was appointed to receive the Bibles and distribute them among the poor. There was an old man and his wife that had passed their fourscore years, and had to be mainly supported by the charities of the people. This old man called upon Lowery to get a Bible. Lowery asked him whether he was not able to pay for one. He said he was not. Lowery said: “Can you not raise three or four bushels of potatoes and let me have them, if I give you a Bible? for my orders are to give none away where they are able; to pay all or a part of the price of the Bible.” The old man was about taking the Bible and promising the potatoes, when Brother Ichabod Corwine, who was standing by, said to the old man:“ Let that Bible alone and come with me; I will give you a Bible,” and he did buy one and give it to the old man.

About the same time the Lick Creek Church, in Fayette county, Indiana made up money and sent to the Bible Society and requested the society—to send Bibles to Elder Minor Thomas, to be given to the poor. El­der Thomas received the Bibles, and soon gave them all away to the poor, and wrote for some more, but was told that be could get no more until he paid for what he had got, and the money had to be raised to pay for the books that by contributions had been more than paid for before they were sent. But a few months ago, I heard one of the agents employed and paid to raise money for some of the benevolent enterprises, as they are called, say that the “Baptists alone raised about three hundred thousand dollars annually for these benevolent institutions, and that all but about 2 ½ percent, of that money was consumed by agents and officers that were necessary to keep the machine in moving order.” Our resolutions only touch such societies as are unscriptural, gotten up us auxiliaries to the Church, and falsely called benevolent. I was with the Baptists when these resolutions were passed. I sustained them then, and I sustain them now, and am willing to bear all the reproach that the friends of unscriptural societies may try to heap upon me; and I am the last one that will ever try to “educate our people” to form a union, with the old harlot, or any of her daughters The good old Book tells us that those who went out from us, did so because they were not of us, while they were always getting up some new thing, and causing strife and contention. We are now rid of them, and I have no desire to go after them, or to “edu­cate” my brethren to seek a union with them. I was glad to hear Brother McInturff speak out boldly and I hope to hear from many others; not only through the ADVOCTE but through all of our papers, speak out The same spirit that caused the split between us and the New School Baptists, is now showing itself, in places, among us again; and as did the New School, so do they now call all who oppose their worldly institutions and efforts to unite with New Schoolism, antinomians, anti-means, a bigoted, intolerant people, who are opposed to everything that is good.

Now, in conclusion, let me ask you, and, through your columns, the editors and correspondents of our papers everywhere: How many of you are desiring a union with New Schoolism and worldly societies? How many of you are ready to rescind your non-fellowship resolu­tions, and open your doors again to these new and unscriptural institu­tions? I want to hear from the breth­ren everywhere. I want to know into what sea we are floating; and O may God help us to keep our garments unspotted by the world!


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