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Written by G.M. Thompson   

ZIONS'S ADVOCATE - March, 1888

Ashland, Mo., Jan., 10th, 1888

Sister Clark:---Through the tender mercy of our God, I got safely home the 28th day of December; found my wife well and glad to see me.  On New Year's day I preached to my home church, and the good Lord was with us, and spread His table before us, and we did eat until our cup was full and ran over with joy.  I thought of you all in Virginia, and wished you could have been with us.  These feasts of love are but little foretastes of the joy that awaits us when we meet in our Father's house above; where sin, sorrow, pain and death are felt and feared no more; and the feast of joy and love will be forever and forever.  There our doubts and fears will be over, and our sun will never go down; we shall then see as we are seen, and know as we are known; and God and the Lamb will be the light and glory of the place.  The few days of sorrow and affliction we pass through here are not worthy to be compared with the glory that then shall be revealed in us.  For it doth not yet appear what we shall be, but when He shall appear we shall see Him as He is and shall be like Him.  Many of the brethren and sisters requested me to write for the Advocate when I got home, a history of my trip among them; but it would be lengthy and perhaps uninteresting to many of your readers.  I can say of a truth that to me, it was one of the most interesting trips of my life.  I visited 18 churches, and met with 13 preachers, who all received me with every expression of christian love and fellowship that I could ask; and the longer we were together the stronger our hearts were knit together in love; and in all the churches I was received by the brethren and sisters, and administered to in their christian hospitality and liberality as far as a poor pilgrim could desire, to make his tarry with them comfortable and happy.

Among your preachers I found a unity of feeling and sentiment that filled my heart with joy, and made me hope that you would be saved from the sorrow and strife that some are having on account of men who are teaching for doctrine the commands of men, instead of the commandments of Christ.  Wherever this thing is tolerated, division, strife and war will follow, and the streets of Zion will be filled with weeping and lamentation.  Faithfulness in the church to expell every spirit that would alter or change the order of the Lord's house, or add to it anything that Christ has not commanded, is the sure way to preserve peace and expect the blessing of God to descend upon you as the rain descends upon the parched earth, and waters it and causes it to bring forth.  We are told that seducers shall come, and men of your own selves shall arise up, speaking perverse things to draw away disciples after them.  But dear ones among whom I have traveled and had sweet communion, stand fast upon your old foundation and practice, it has sustained the church ever since Christ said:  "The gates of hell shall not prevail against it;" and will stand until time shall end.

These new lights and lying spirits may tell you that all your children will leave you and the church will die if you do not adopt their new ways and new things; this has been the voice of all the false prophets from the days of the Apostles down to the present; but believe them not, neither be discouraged on account of their false prophecies.  Christ has said:  "The gates of hell shall not prevail against it," (His Church) and Paul has said:  "Nevertheless (notwithstanding all their lies and falsehoods) the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, the Lord knows them that are his."  While these promises stand unrepealed in the Book of God, you and I need have no fear about the salvation of God's elect, or the destruction of the church built by Jesus Christ.  Some one said in the Advocate that I was not ashamed to be called a "SHEEP FEEDER."  No, God, bless you, if I can only feed the sheep and little lambs of my Father's fold, on the sincere milk of the Word, I shall feel that I have discharged my duty to Him that has called me, and has said by Paul:  "Feed the Church of God, which He has purchased with His own blood."  If others want to feed the goats, and fatten them on means and Arminian stuff, let them do it: but at the same time let them quit claiming to be the shepherds that Jesus has called to take the oversight of His flock; for He has told His called servants in so many words:  "Feed my sheep and feed my lambs."  O my brethren, will not all of God's faithful servants say:

                    "Is there a lamb in all thy flock,

                          I would disdain to feed?

                      Is there a foe before whose face

                          I'd fear thy cause to plead?"

If we love our Lord, we will love His children, and count our lives as nothing that we may faithfully serve them, and feed and comfort them, with the sure promises of their God; while false prophets and lying spirits are trying to turn their minds away from their God and his promises, and teaching them to trust in human means and societies for the salvation of their children; be not deceived by them, my Father's children.  My visit among you was one I shall never forget; I was comforted by you, and hope that some of the little lambs were comforted by the precious promises of the Gospel that I tried to preach to you.  It is the yea and the amen promises of my God that gives me courage and strength in my old age, to leave my wife, who has been the partner of my sorrows and joys for fifty-seven years, and try to preach Christ a full and sufficient Saviour, and proclaim in the ears of His little ones:  "Fear not little flock, it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom."  O children of God, fear not, for your God will come with vengeance and a recompense and will save you.  "Fear not, for in the Lord JEHOVAH is everlasting strength."   O, then, with patience bear the sorrows of the night, for your joy will come in the morning; and may we all in that bright morning meet on the shining shores, where parting will be no more.  Amen.


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