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Written by J.R. Respess   


Dear old friend, Elder Mitchell, has, on account of his afflicted eye, been unable to write you a letter this time, and asked me to do it; but my labors have been so abundant that I shall not be able to write you a long letter, or an interesting one.

Children, the Lord has been mindful of you in many ways; he has given you good parents to provide for and instruct you in morality, and to restrain you in wickedness. Ought you not to be thankful to the Lord for such a great favor? especially when you see many children who have no parents to care for them: or, what is worse, have wicked parents who teach them bad things, and care but little more for them than brute beasts care for their offspring. There are thousands of children in cities who have none to teach them good things, but are left to grow up almost as pigs in the street, and who take to theft, lying and murder almost from their infancy. Is it not awful to think of?! But you, dear children, are blessed far above such poor little waifs upon society; you have parents who love you, and whom you are taught to obey. What a blessing it is to be taught obedience in your youth! Your parents can’t make you Christians, but they can teach you morality—to tell, the truth, to be honest, industrious and virtuous, so that when you get to be men and women, you will be useful members of society. By being obedient to your parents, you will learn to be obedient to the laws of society, and not have to be punished as criminals—to be sent to the chain gang, and be hanged for murder. You will not learn to be drunkards, and be a disgrace to your parents, and bring them down broken-hearted to the grave, but will honor them—and men will call you blessed. Dear children, I would not disregard the counsel of my dear old father even after I had gotten to be nearly fifty years old, because I knew he would not advise me only in love.

Think of these things, and may God bless you! Parents, carry your children to your meetings every time you can.—R.

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