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Written by W.M. Mitchell   


Beloved Children:—Before this reaches you, the cheerful and merry Christmas, which children generally so much enjoy, will probably be past, and you will again be required to return to your usual business of life, or to your studies in the school room. If you have not imprudently exposed your selves during the merry days of Christmas, and thereby taken cold, or made yourselves sick by eating, drinking, or some such thing, you will doubtless now feel refreshed to engage in your studies in school, or your work at home, with renewed energy and cheerfulness. Children will always be much happier, and enjoy life much better, to do what their parents and teachers require them to do, cheerfully. Your work may be hard, but if you will keep cheerful, that will make it much easier for you to get along with it, than for you to fret and cry about it. When children are cheerful, and show a delight in helping their father or mother, or in doing what they give them to do, they are not only happy themselves, but they make others happy also. But if they are ill disposed, lazy, crabbed, or quarrelsome, they are miserable themselves, and cause their papa and mama to see much trouble, as well as make everybody feel miserable who have any thing to do with them, or even to be thrown in company where they are. Did you ever see such children? If you have, we suppose you thought they behaved very ugly; and so they did, and we hope you will always avoid such a practice and set a better example.

In childhood and youth you are laying the foundation for future life in this world. Be honest, be truthful, be industrious and careful; avoid bad company, and speak no bad, filthy words; and above all, be obedient to your parents; and remember that the great God who created you and all things else, sees and knows you at all times and in all places, whether at home or abroad, by day or by night.

We hope, dear children, that the year you now begin may be one of blessings and mercies to many of you; and as we have so many things to do now, we will close this briefly written article to you by wishing you all a pleasant and “Happy New Year! “—M.


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