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Written by W.M. Mitchell   


Dear Children:—Having been mercifully taken care of by our heavenly Father during another month, we will now write you our last letter for the year 1882. Time flies rapidly along. Spring, summer, autumn and winter come and go by regular laws which the Creator has fixed for them,—and no wisdom or power of men can change the regular course of nature in these things. In the order and regular succession of the sea sons of the year we have an emblem of human life, to some extent. In the spring-time of life the little child comes along, young, gay and tender, like the little tender herb or flower. How beautiful! and how much delighted the parents and friends are with the lovely little child! Somewhat like some of you children are with a beautiful little flower. But summer comes, and the flower comes to its full growth and maturity. Soon another season we call autumn comes, when it shows signs of age and decay, and finally withers away and dies winter.

But, dear children, tho we say it dies, yet it lives in another sense. It has yielded fruit. And so may you, and so ought you to live and act in life, that your good example and influence may be serviceable to others. We do not tell you that you can “save souls” from eternal destruction,—for this can only be done by the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the only name given under heaven whereby you must be saved from your sins; “neither is there salvation in any other,” as you may find written in Acts, 4:12.

We have to believe that some of the children who read these letters have felt their need of just such an all sufficient Saviour as Jesus is; and if so, they are in great trouble of mind, and we are glad of it, and thankful to the Lord that they do have that kind of trouble. And why are we glad for any one to have that kind of trouble? Simply because we know it is the Lord’s work to cause one to feel the sting and guilt of sin. None can mourn nor repent of his sins until he is convicted of them, and no one is truly convicted of his sins unless he is first made alive by the life-giving and quickening Spirit of God. It is then he begins to feel and see and know himself a sinner as he never knew nor felt it before, and soon he begins to feel and know the need of a Saviour as he never knew it before Now, dear children, we hope if any of you are in deep trouble of mind, that it may be this kind of trouble; for we know the Lord is dealing with you for your good, and will soon cause you to rejoice in his mercy. He hath said: “Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted.” See 5th chapter of Matthew.

Before we close this article to children, we wish to remind you to think, while each one of you are reading, it may be that hundreds of other children are reading the same things, perhaps, that you are at the same time,—or at least near the same time,—though you are living many miles apart. Some who read these letters to children in the GOSPEL MESSENGER live away down south, near the Gulf of Mexico; and others away up north in the States of Ohio and Michigan, near the great Lakes, where the wild geese go in the summer; and then again there are some away off to the east, near the coast of the great Atlantic Ocean; some in the Middle States; some in the Western States; and a few away over Rocky Mountains, far out to the vest or northwest, near the Pacific Ocean, which is the largest body of water in the world. Again, our little MESSENGER wings its way eastward about three thousand miles by water across the Atlantic Ocean, and finds its way to the great city of London, in England, which is one among the largest cities in the world. There it finds lovers of gospel truth,—and there, too, it finds who want to see and read a paper that comes from the United States, in North America.

And now, children, we know we have written you a kind of rambling letter this time, but some of you know that is the way old men sometimes talk, and also the way children think ; but we hope that we have said nothing but what will be for your profit, if you will make a good use of it. And in concluding this letter, we wish to say to you, that you may be useful to yourselves and others, not only by reading good books, but by encouraging other children to do so. And we will say this: That we will send you a nice present of a neat little Testament for every new subscriber to the GOSPEL MESSENGER, with name, post-office address, and subscription price of one dollar, that you will send us. If you send five dollars for five new subscribers, we will send you five New Testaments, of 288 pages each, and pay the postage on them our self. Write the names and address of subscribers plainly, and also the names and address of those to whom you want the book sent, and you will be sure to get it. In sending names and money by this proposition, you will direct your letter to Elder W. L. Mitchell, Opelika, Lee county, Ala. We hope to hear from you soon, so that we can send you a nice Christmas present.—M.

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