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Written by W.M. Mitchell   

March 1883

Dear Children:—Since we last wrote you we have had some very damp, cold weather, making it very important for old people and children to keep within doors much of the time.

Long and unnecessary exposure to bad weather, frequently causes much pain and sickness, and, perhaps, will lay the foundation of disease which may continue through all future life. The sooner children can learn to avoid such things as will be hurtful to them, the better it will be for them as long as they live.

There are certain laws which our Creator has given for the government of every thing in order to secure the best results to his creatures; but if any of those laws are violated by us, we must expect to suffer in some way for it. Fire, you know, is very useful to us in many ways, but yet you also know that it often destroys much property, burns houses and destroys human life. Very little children are much inclined to want to “play in the fire,” and the little, innocent babe struggles at times to get hold of the lamp or the red burning coal of fire, because it looks pretty to it, and it has not yet learned what you mean when you tell the little innocent thing, “It burn you! it burn you!” It does not yet know what burn is, as applied to its own little hand, but let it once touch the fire and feel the pain, it will then get a very impressive lesson, that possibly may last it through life.

No doubt, you have often heard the remark that “A burnt child dreads the fire;” and well it may, for sometimes children, and even older people, get so badly burned by being careless about fire, or careless in the way they use it, that they carry the mark or scar of the burn on them to their graves.

Now, dear children what is true about the improper use of, or unnecessary meddling with fire, is also true about almost every thing else. If we do wrong in any thing, or meddle with things in a way that we ought not, it will not be for our good, but for our hurt. “Fire will burn.” And so will any wrong doing. If we violate any law that the Great God has fixed for our good, that is what we call sin; it is wrong, and it is for sin or wrong doing that people generally have to suffer. They are tempted like the little thoughtless babe to “play with the fire,” and so they get burned. We say the fire has burned them, or tobacco or whisky has ruined them, but the fire is not to blame. It would not hurt them if they would keep it in its place and not meddle with it improperly. Whisky is not to blame for making men such fools. It will never hurt any body if kept in its place. But it will no more do to meddle with it improperly than it will for a child to play in the fire. If any are hurt by carelessness about fire, they are to blame, and not the fire; and if any are hurt by a careless tampering with whisky, they are to blame for it, and not the whisky. Sin will always bring suffering and punishment. Remember this.—M.

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