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Written by W.M. Mitchell   

APRIL 1883

Dear Children:—Every thing we say or do in this life, is somewhat like sowing seed: it will bring its own proper fruit to us or to others, either good or bad, according to the quality and nature of the seed sown.

Preaching, writing, talking, or working, is often compared to sowing seed; and you know that the nature of seed which is sown in our field or garden is to bring forth a crop after its kind—or, in other words, just like itself. If we sow wheat, we do not expect to reap barley, nor rye. “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”—Gal. 6:7. He will get a crop of the same kind and nature with the seed that he has sown.

In harmony with this well established principle in nature, christian people are warned to “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” And again it is written, “They that plough iniquity and sow wickedness, reap the same.”—Job 4:8.

If we preach or write merely to honor man, or that we may have honor of men, or get some worldly gain or advantage from men, our motive is bad, and our labor will as certainly bring bad results as the sowing of bad seed will bring corrupt fruit.

Now, children, we want to call your attention very specially to this point with regard to what is called preaching. All preaching is like sowing seed: it will bring forth fruit after its kind. If a false or corrupt doctrine is preached to any people and they listen to and encourage it, they will be certain to reap a corrupt crop. It will have a bad influence—causing them to be vain, or to treat with lightness the worship of the Living God. It will lead away from that reverence and simplicity that should be observed by those who assemble for worship. It will lead children, as well as grown people, into error, and cause them more and more to hate the truth. To give heed to the preaching of the corrupt doctrines of men is to “bid them God’s speed and he that bids them God’s speed is partaker of their evil deeds.” Every thing that is preached by men is not the pure gospel of Christ. It is t rue, they call it the gospel, but it is not.

In the first chapter of Galatians and seventh verse, certain preachers are spoken of, who “pervert the gospel of Christ.” That is, they preach something which they say is the gospel of Christ, when it is nothing but the gospel of men. Now, this is like sowing bad seed: it will bring had fruit. It will feed the natural pride and vanity of the sinful hearts of men, women and children, and harden them more and more against the truth. All men, women and children are sinners against God, and all their works respecting salvation are just like themselves. “An evil tree will bring evil fruit” “A corrupt fountain sends forth corrupt streams.” So it is written in the Scriptures, that men and seducers shall wax worse at worse, deceiving and being deceived.”—2 Tim 3:13. “Seducers,” in religious matters, are men who pretend to be very good preachers, but it is only a pretence for they tempt, seduce or draw people away from the right way, and corrupt their minds. This is sowing bad seed: and it brings a bad crop of pride, vanity, self-will, and self-righteousness.

Now, children, if you will get your Testament and read the first chapter of Philippians and 15th to 18th verses, you will find that the Lord says, by his apostle, that “some preach Christ of envy and strife.” They preach of a contentious Spirit because they like to hear themselves talk. They do not preach “sincerely;” that is, they do not mean what they say.

They are “seducers,” to draw honest-hearted, unsuspecting christians away from the right way of the Lord. Their preaching is nothing but a “pretense”—for so the holy apostle calls it in the 18th verse of the above chapter. In the first chapter of’ Titus also, he speaks of’ “unruly and vain talkers and deceivers who had “subverted (or deceived) whole houses;” that is, whole families or churches had been led astray by these vain talkers, who had “taught things which they ought not, for filthy lucre’s sake.” Subverting or turning people from the right way in order to obtain filthy lucre or unjust gain, is the crop that is produce by the vain talking they have done. Some men are very fluent talkers but very had preachers. It is but a small matter with some men to be vain and unruly talkers   but it is a great and important thing to be a good and humble and instructive gospel preacher.

There are some good gospel preachers whose preaching is compared to sowing good seed. “The sower sows the word.” “The seed sown is the word of God.” It is sent of God. It brings a crop of itself. The fruit is good. It feeds the hungry soul and makes the poor in spirit feel rich in faith, as an heir of the kingdom which God has promised to them who love him. It makes mourners glad and rejoices the heart of the sorrowful.

And now, children, we bid you farewell for this time, and pray God that what we have written may be prospered as good seed in honest hearts.—M.


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