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Written by W.M. Mitchell   


Beloved Children:—It is a blessed privilege that our God has given us to correspond and hear from one another by such a convenient and cheap method as we have enjoyed in the GOSPEL MESSENGER. Let us be careful lest we abuse this high privilege, by esteeming it so lightly that it be taken away from us. We should appreciate it greatly, and be very thankful to the Giver of every good and perfect gift for it.

Amidst all our toils, and the many cares and discouragements with which we meet in our editorial work, there are, at times, a few little things to cheer and encourage us to go forward. And perhaps we cannot better tell you of one little matter of encouragement than by publishing a short extract from a letter that has been sent us from a nice little daughter of ten years old, living in Tennessee. Here is her letter:

WINCHESTER TENN., September 17, 1883

Mr. W. M. Mitchell: — Very Dear Friend:—I have been desirous to write to you. I have been reading, in July number of the MESSENGER the letter you sent to us children. You said your eye was so afflicted that you could not write us a long letter. I was very sorry to hear of your affliction. I know how to feel sorry for you, because my papa’s eyes have been afflicted for about thirteen years, and last summer and fall he had neuralgia very badly. My mother has been in very poor health for twenty years. My father is 56 years old, and my mother 46. Papa says he wants you to continue sending the GOSPEL MESSENGER to him, J. C. Fulton, and he will send you the first dollar he can spare.

I have six living sisters and one brother, and two sisters and three brothers dead, and in heaven, I hope, where parting will be no more. I am the daughter of J. C. and Eliza Fulton. I hope you will be able to write us many letters yet. My papa is now gone to the Baptist Association. I will close.

Respectfully, your little friend, IDA A. FULTON

Now, dear children, is not the above a very nice little letter from a lovely daughter of ten years old? There is reason to hope that she will make a good and useful woman, and even this little effort of writing to us as given such hope and comfort to her poor, afflicted mother that she is stirred up to send the letter for publication, and write us a note at the bottom of the letter, as follows:

Dear Brethren:—As my little daughter has written this letter, I will send it to the GOSPEL MESSENGER. It makes me think that the good Lord has caused her to choose, like Mary, that good part, which shall never be taken away from her. O, that God may bless the child, and bless this, her feeble letter! Remember me at a throne of grace.


We have reason to hope and believe, from what we have seen and heard, that the Lord is dealing with some of our little readers, to bring them to a knowledge of their sinful condition, and also to a knowledge of that salvation which he has provided for them in Jesus Christ. He begins the work, and he carries it on, causing the poor child to cry to him for mercy. His ear is always ready to hear such a cry. Hope to hear from some other young friend soon.—M.

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