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Written by W.M. Mitchell   


Dear Children, Again, after some delay, we are seated to write you another letter. You must not think because there was no letter especially addressed to you in our October number of the MESSENGER, that we have forgotten you. Not at all. You were not forgotten, but by some mishap the letter to you did not reach the printer in time, or perhaps not at all. We hope, however, that you have read something in the October number that will be both useful and entertaining to you. On the very first page of that number you will see that the writer speaks of having been a poor orphan boy, and how thoughtful he was even then to help his mother to raise the “smaller children.” Do you not think this was a great comfort to the poor mother, who was then a widow, to have such a kind and good son to help her educate, feed and clothe her little children? And not only this, but the orphan boy was orderly, well behaved and moral at home or abroad, SO as to have a good character and a good name. He says “that was all I had.” And is not this better than gold or silver? The wise man Solomon, says: “A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches.” See Prov. xxii. 1. A good character will carry you along in the world to escape quarrels, lawsuits, prisons and many other troubles that riches could not deliver you from. If our young readers have nothing else, we hope they will have a good character and a good name.—M.

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