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Written by W.M. Mitchell   


Dear Children :—We have been thinking for some time of writing a little to you in the GOSPEL MESSENGER, that, when it comes with its monthly visits to your father’s family, you may see that it has a few words to you and for you, as well as to the older heads and members of the family.

If you have been going to school, you need something to real that will be useful to you, not only now, while you are young, but that will make a good impression on your mind, and shape your future course in life. It will be of great use to you as children, to read good books and papers that tell von the truth; and you should try t understand and think about what you read.

Now, children, he sure to remember this: That of all books the Bible is the best. It is not only the best, but it is the “Book of books”—the only standard of truth by which we test what is right and what is wrong. We may rely upon what it says. It tells how the world was created, and who created all things. “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” We see the sun, moon and stars; we see the earth, the trees, fruits and flowers, as well as animals and birds of various kinds. Now, children, you know that you see all these things, but did you ever think how every thing had a beginning? Did you ever read how all these things were at first created and started into being? If you have not, we insist that you get a Bible, and begin to read at the very first chapter in it, and think carefully about what you read, and you will get a great deal of information about all these things, and a great many other things that we have not time to mention now. The Bible will tell you how the first man and the first woman were created of the dust of the earth.

Well, we must close this letter to you. But we ask: Do you want to get a nice Bible or Testament of your own? Then save your time and your money, and you can soon get one of convenient size, with a Family Record in it, for fifty or sixty cents. Some smaller-sized Bibles can be had at some of the book-stores for even less, and New Testaments for ten or twenty cents. Don’t you want a Bible or a Testament to read? And don’t you think you can soon save enough money to buy you one? If you have a father or mother living—sisters, brothers, or friends—ask them to assist you to get a Bible or a Testament, and then you will have a good book to read, and your time will be well employed. We wish you a happy May!—M.

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