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Written by W.M. Mitchell   
The Gospel Messenger--September 1881

In writing or speaking, or whatever we may have to do, it is best to secure at once the design we have in view. There is no use when you write an article for publication, to encumber it with a long apology before you begin to say what you aim to say. This is too much like building a porch before the house is built, and you know that it would only be in the way during the whole of the building. It is far better to plunge at once into the subject and make the best of it you can, before you lose sight of it by introducing so many other useless things which have no connection with the subject upon which you intend to write.
The same principle holds good in reference to preaching, or any public address. If a minister wishes to make any good impression at all, in a true gospel sense, he should at once read his text and present his views of it, if he has any. It is time worse than lost—it is injuriously spent—for a preacher to consume from five to thirty minutes in needless apologies, talking about himself, instead of preaching Christ. And, it is just as true with regard to any other business you may have to do. If you wish to succeed, or reach any particular point or place, go straight along to it. It will never pay to go around five miles when, by walking two miles, you can make the trip on better road.—M.

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