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Written by Sylvester Hassell   
The Gospel Messenger-December 1880 


To the saints of God in America, 

DEAR BRETHREN,—Having been appointed by the Kehukee Association to complete the Church History, begun by my father, I hereby solicit your aid in securing the accuracy and publication of the work. I would thank you for any suggestions and information, whether written or printed. I have obtain the latest, most scholarly, and most reliable Church Histories published in Germany, France, England, and America; and I am determined, with the aid of the Divine Spirit, to find out and record the TRUTH, whatever that may be- Nothing but the TRUTH can do us any good. The statements of the History will be in by any authority on earth. Providence permitting, I expect to finish the work by October, 1881, at which time it will probably be placed in the hands of the printer. We ought to have 2500 more subscribers before the book is printed. You should have copies for yourselves, your children, and friends. Brother Joseph D. Biggs, of Williamston, N. C., or myself, will furnish you with Subscription Papers; and to either of us the number of subscribers can be returned. I charge nothing whatever for my heavy expenses and labors. The book will be supplied at the mere cost of publication, which will be I suppose, about Two Dollars. 

To angelic intelligences and to all spiritual minds, few subjects can be of more interest than the blood-stained foot-steps of God’s people from Abel until the present time.

Your brother, as I hope, in Christ, 


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