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Written by Elder Wilson Thompson   



The Life of Wilson Thompson
Autobiography: Early Religious Impressions
Autobiography: From Law to Grace — and Baptism
Autobiography: Impressions to Preach and First Public Exercising
Autobiography: First Months of Preaching
Autobiography: Journey to Missouri
Autobiography: First Eight Months in Missouri
Autobiography: A Trip Back to Kentucky
Autobiography: Back in Missouri; the Clouds Break
Autobiography: The Revival in Missouri
Autobiography: The Revival Continued in Missouri
Autobiography: Conflict and Deliverance
Autobiography: Churches Added in Missouri
Autobiography: Trial in Sickness
Autobiography: The Decision to Leave Missouri and Labor in Ohio
Autobiography: Labor in the Ohio Churches; A Revival
Autobiography: First Contact with Missionary Concept
Autobiography: More Labor in the Ohio Churches-Lebanon Church
Autobiography: The Controversy at Sugar Creek Church Concerning Conditional Salvation
Autobiography: Full-time Labor in the Ohio Churches
Autobiography: Experience at an Association
Autobiography: Sermon on Jesus’ Eternal Natures Elder Thompson Vindicated
Autobiography: Impressions to Leave Ohio and Reasons for the Move
Autobiography: Second Revival at Lebanon
Autobiography: Concern for the Church; the “Revival” in Cincinnati
Autobiography: The Move to Indiana
Autobiography: Last Ministerial Labors and Death
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