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Muleshoe Primitive Baptist Church


Muleshoe, Texas

     About 70 miles northwest of Lubbock, Texas on Highway 84 is the town of Muleshoe.  It is here, that you will find the Muleshoe Primitive Baptist Church.  The Church was constituted on November 19th, 1944 as an arm of the Anton Primitive Baptist Church (which later moved to Littlefield, Texas).  Elder H. G. Richards was chosen as the moderator of the presbytery for the constitution of the Muleshoe Church, with Brother C.B. McCoy as Clerk.  Bro. J. P. Jackson offered the prayer and Elder Willie Fox delivered the charge.



The charter members of the Muleshoe Church were: Melvin, Laura & Raymond Bass, Jimmie, Lora Mae & Lona Mae Bass, Charlie & Lutisha Watson and Mary Phipps.  The Church had several others join that same day on the promise of a letter.  They were W.L. & Myrtle Jackson, Ben & Doshia Jackson and Willis & Nell Wood.



Pictured:  Elder Jimmie Bass and Brother Harvey Bass standing in front of the Muleshoe Church building.



The building had previously been used as a Church and had blue interior walls, with rods which went across the top as braces.  This was said to have been for curtain rods that were used as separators when the building had Sunday School classes in it.  The curtains were the walls between the school rooms.


The original baptistery was under the preachers pulpit.  The floor would raise up and there was a cement tank under it which was used as a baptistery.  The Lord blessed the Church time and time again to put their baptistery to use.



Pictured:  Bro. M.O. Wilson being baptized in the original baptistery.




Pictured:  Sister Lynnette (Shafer) Howard and Brother Scott Bass being baptized by Elder Afton Richards in the new baptistery.



Ministers who served the Muleshoe Primitive Baptist Church as pastors are:


Elder Jimmie Bass and W. L. Jackson (joint pastors) (1944 to 1946)

Elder Jimmie Bass (1944 to 1958)

Elder W. R. Dale  (1958 to 1975)

Elder A. E. Richards  (1964 to 1975)

Elder Bernard Gowens  (1976 to 1982)

Elder George Johnson  (1983 to 1987)

Elder Cleveland Bass  (1987 to 2002)

Elder Bernard Gowens  (2002 to present)



Pictured:  Elder Jimmie Bass, Elder W.R. Dale and Elder Afton Richards.  Both Elder Bass and Elder Richards are seen in the radio studio of KMUL in Muleshoe, during the Church’s weekly radio broadcast.



Over the years, the Muleshoe Primitive Baptist Church has held special meetings for the purpose of ordaining God called men to the ministry.  Those men have included Elder Bernard Gowens, Elder Ronnie Hedges, Elder Don Martin and Elder Michael Gowens.


The current pastor of the Muleshoe Church is Elder Bernard Gowens:



Pictured:  Elder Bernard and Sister Lynn Gowens.



At present, the Muleshoe Church meets on 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sunday.  They do not meet on 4th Sunday’s or 5th weekends unless they have decided to hold a special meeting.  The schedule of appointments are:


1st Sunday – Elder Don Martin

2nd Sunday – Elder Ray Little

3rd Sunday – Elder Bernard Gowens



The Muleshoe Church hosts an annual meeting the 4th weekend in August.  The next time the Church will host this meeting will be on 24, 25 & 26, 2007.




Contact Information:




Elder Bernard Gowens

1106 Etta Ave

Friona, Texas

(806) 250-3398



Church Clerk:


Brother Jim Collins

2244 FM 1524

Dimmitt, Texas

(806) 647-4597





Brother Morris Nowlin

Brother Jim Collins

Brother Preston Cargile

Brother Marshall Williams

Brother Harold Britton




Traveling Directions:


 - You can take Highway 84 straight into Muleshoe from either the Lubbock side (east) or New Mexico side (west).




Traveling Directions:


 - Turn south on First Street and continue several blocks until you reach 601 1st Street.  The Church building will be on the left side of the road.





Assorted Pictures:



Pictured:  5th Sunday meeting in Muleshoe.  The year was 1951.  Just left of center you will notice Brother Harvey Bass and to his right, the cute little dark haired girl is my mother-in-law, Sister Darrene (Nowlin) Collins.




Pictured:  Deacon Bro. Ben Jackson, with a little Sister Carolia (Bass) Johnson standing in the center of the frame.




Pictured: Harvey Bass, Grandpa Bass and Morris Nowlin.




Pictured: Sister Robbie Nowlin holding Sister Vina (Bass) Strayhorn during a meeting at Muleshoe.




Pictured:  Elder Cleveland Bass and Brother Elton Bass.




Pictured:  Kids taking part in singing at the Muleshoe Church in the early 1970’s.


Scott Bass, Robert Nowlin, Sue (Collins) Mallow, Glenda (Willoughby) Kennedy, Dorinda (Shafer) Chambers, Lynnette (Shafer) Howard, Suzanne (Williams) Wilhelm, Linda Nowlin, Val (Bass) Faries, Robbie (Collins) Montgomery and Kim Williams.




Pictured:  Elder Clifford Gowens, Elder Michael Gowens, Elder Bernard Gowens and Elder Sylvester Gowens.




Pictured:  More “Muleshoe Kids” in the front yard of the home of Brother Harvey & Sister Marie Bass in June of 1977.  They were all about to load up in the Bass motor home and head to Houston for a Singing School taught by Brother Bass and Sister Carolia Johnson at the Grace Primitive Baptist Church.


From left to right:  Dorinda (Shafer) Chambers, Robbie (Collins) Montgomery, Sue (Collins) Mallow, Daniel Gowens, Lynnette (Shafer) Howard, Robert Nowlin, Terrie (Martin) Smith, David Gowens, Jeanette (Collins) Wenner), Charles Martin, Linda Nowlin, Scott Heitt, Scott’s sister and Michael Gowens.






The Muleshoe Primitive Baptist Church website is:





The “Banner of Love” website also has a link to the book “Why I Am A Primitive Baptist” written by Elder Afton Richards.  It contains the full version of the book he published in 1956.






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