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First Primitive Baptist Church


Dallas, Texas

The First Primitive Baptist Church of Dallas was constituted on November 13, 1910 in Dallas – with 10 charter members and receiving another 6 the same day, making a total membership of 16. The Church met in various locations before building their first meeting house in 1917. The building was located at Jefferson and Sabine in Dallas. In 1923 the Church built an indoor baptistery. It is believed that the First Primitive Baptist Church at Dallas was the first one in Texas to have indoor baptistery.

In 1949, they moved to a building located at 13th and Lancaster. In 1953 a new building was erected at that same location (See picture below). The Church continued to meet at this location until September of 1987, when the first service was held at the present location – 1920 Gross Road.





Pictured below is an announcement of the new Church building in the 1953 Dallas Times Herald. Note the reference to a “New $55,000 Plant”. I guess that is just a sign of those times.



Elder J.A. Paine was the first pastor to serve the Church at Dallas. Elder W.W. Fowler also served as pastor for over 40 years, from 1915 until his passing in 1956. Elder J.P. Dale and Elder Dale Magers also pastored the Church at Dallas for various periods of time. The current pastor, Elder Clifford Gowens was called to serve as pastor on March 18, 1979.


Ministers: Elder Clifford Gowens (Pastor) and Elder G.H. Crain.


Preaching Appointments:

1st Sunday: Elder Clifford Gowens

2nd Sunday: Elder Clifford Gowens

3rd Sunday: Elder G.H. Crain

4th Sunday: Elder Clifford Gowens

5th Sunday: Elder Clifford Gowens


Worship Services: Services each Sunday 10:30 A.M.

Communion Services: Fourth Sunday in May and September

Annual Meeting: Fourth Sunday Weekend in September

Annual Singing: Fourth Weekend in April (Saturday only)

Sacred Harp Singing: Second Saturday in November

Association Membership: Chambers Creek Association (The meeting is held annually the 1st weekend in July and will be next hosted by the First Primitive Baptist Church in 2007.

- First Primitive Baptist Church at Dallas (2007)

- Mount Zion Primitive Baptist Church at Fort Worth (2008)

- Indian Oaks Primitive Baptist Church at Fort Worth (2009)

- Farmersville Primitive Baptist Church at Farmersville (2010)


Deacons: Bro. Bruce Coates, Bro. Ronnie Mallow, Bro. Tom Boen, Bro. Steve Kinnard, Bro. Joe Porter, Bro. Gary Rogan, Bro. Terrel Huneycutt, Bro. Donn Howard and Bro. David Kirkpatrick. Not pictured: Bro. David Cooksey


Contact Information:

Elder Clifford Gowens ( ) - Pastor

Brother Gary Rogan ( ) – Church Treasurer

Brother Bruce Coates ( ) – Church Clerk

Brother Ronnie Mallow ( )

Brother Donn Howard ( )

Brother Steve Kinnard ( )

Brother Joe Porter ( )

Brother Tom Boen ( )

Brother David Kirkpatrick ( )

Brother Dave Cooksey ( )

Church Phone Number #214-320-0355


Traveling Directions:

- The First Primitive Baptist Church of Dallas is located in far northeast Dallas, just inside the major thoroughfares of Interstate 30 and Loop 635 (LBJ Freeway). The physical address of the Church is 1920 Gross Road (75228-4767).



Directions: From Interstate 30 in east Dallas, exit and go north on Buckner Blvd (Loop 12). After the 2nd traffic signal, bear right onto Peavy Road. Turn right at the next traffic signal onto Gross Road. The Church address is 1920 Gross Road and will be one block down on the right.



Assorted Pictures:

Pictured: Deacons at the groundbreaking of the Church in its current location (1987) - Bro. Terrel Huneycutt, Bro. A.D. Moore, Bro. Gary Rogan, Bro. Harvey Kinnard, Bro. B.H. Handley and Bro. Bruce Coates.


Pictured: Sister Nellie Huneycutt and Sister Maurine “Berber” Kinnard. Sister Kinnard is our oldest living member. She joined the Dallas Church in December of 1937, where her husband Harvey was already a member. Sister Kinnard will turn 91 this coming September. She is a precious gift to our Church.

Other Items of Note: (from Eld. W.W. Fowler’s historical documents)


Church Constitution: On November 13, 1910 this being the second Sunday in the month, a meeting was held according to previous arrangements, for the purpose of constituting a Primitive Baptist Church. The location of the meeting was not recorded. The members present and presenting letters were:


Brother J.T. Watson, Sister S. E. Watson, Brother J. M. Ridgeway (Deacon), Sister Ellen Ridgeway, Brother H. P. Roby, Sisters: Sallie Johnston, Sister Nanie Arnold, Sister Laura Denman, Sister Myrtle Danner and

Sister Florence Roby


The ordained help present were: Elder J. A. Paine (Moderator), Elder I. E. Langston and Elder B. Carter, Bro. J. M. Ridgeway and Bro. W. F. Jones (Clerk of the Presbytery)


The presbytery finding the letters to be in order and satisfactory pronounced those who had presented letters as an orderly "Primitive Baptist Church". Prayer was offered by Elder I. E. Langston and the right hand of fellowship given by the presbytery.


At a conference meeting held in the afternoon of the same day the following members were accepted by statement into full membership: Brother H. A. Money, Sister Clara Lancaster, Sister M. O. Corder, Sister J. P. Westbrook, Sister G. H. Lawrence (received by letter) and Sister N. E. Human (received by letter)


- At a meeting on Oct. 14, 1916 the members agreed to build a church house as soon as possible. In November a $1000.00 loan was received and work began on the corner of Sabine and Jefferson. On January, 21, 1917 the first services were held in the new church building with Eld W.W. Fowler filling the stand.


- From November 1918 through January 1919, there were no meetings held in the churches of Dallas due to a proclamation by the Mayor of Dallas, because of an epidemic of "Spanish Influenza."


- On the third Sunday in October 1922 - Elders S. A. Paine Jr, and M.P. Harris were ordained to the full work of the ministry and Brethren S. Fl. Jones, J. E. Hall and W. H. McGee, were ordained as deacons. The first person to be baptized in the new baptistery at the Church was Sister Ruby Kemp. The Baptistery had recently been installed and as far as we know this was the first Primitive Baptist Church in Texas to have such a Baptistery in their meeting house.


- During the year 1949, the Church purchased a lot (13th and Lancaster) the same being a block of land for which we paid $3300.00, and moved the old Church building from the corner of Jefferson and Sabine to this lot.


- Our records show that Elder J. P. Dale Jr. and his wife, Bobbie, joined by relation from the Trumpet Baptist on February 10, 1951. Also his father and mother, Deacon J.P. Dale Sr. and his wife Emma Dale, were received by relation from the Trumpet Baptists. On Sunday the 11th of February 1951, Elder Dale's little daughter, Lynn, joined by experience and was baptized by her father at the evening service.


- At the conference meeting on Saturday night before the second Sunday in January the date being January 12, 1952, Elder J. P. Dale Jr. was elected Assistant Pastor.


- At the meeting on November 8, 1952, Elder M. R. Altom was ordained to the full work of the ministry. Presbytery: Elders: A. D. Wood, R. E. Wilson, W. W. Fowler, M. P. Harris, Henry Rushing, J. C. Collings, J. P. Dale, Jr. Deacons: W. J. Wilson, W. T. Duke, R., L. Schults, Harvey Kinnard, G. L. Evens, and from Ft. Worth, Deacons H. C. Stanley, R. S. Scott and J. M. Nelson.


- The attendance at our meetings increased to such an extent that we found it necessary to undertake building of a new meeting house, sufficiently large enough to accommodate our members and friends, there having been 75 new members added during the last four years. After several months, during which efforts were being made to secure a new location on level ground, the church unanimously decided to build on the same lot. In August 1952, a building committee was appointed and instructed to proceed with the details of construction.


- At the meeting of February 7, 1953, the name of the church was changed to the "First Primitive Baptist Church of Dallas", to facilitate our banking account and avoid conflict with another group using our name. (which is believed to be the Primitive Baptist Church on Fireside Drive)


- Beginning about the first Sunday in May 1953, our meetings were held in the Y.M.C.A., in Oak Cliff, corner of 10th and Beckley, and erection of our new building was started. We met in the YMCA until the new building was finished. The new building was completed at a cost of $45,000.00. First meeting in the present building was held on the 4th Sunday in Oct. 1953.


- We have been having services every Sunday and Sunday night for many years. We now have services on the First Sunday in each month by Elder M. R. Altom, the second Sunday by Elder W. W. Fowler, the third Sunday by Elder M P Harris, and the 4th Sunday by Elder J P Dale, Jr. Elder Altom also occupies the stand on the evening of the 3rd Sunday. Elder A D Wood has been occupying the stand at the evening meeting of each first Sunday for many years.

“During the many years since the constitution of the Church in 1910, the Church has gone through many fine, glorious and uplifting seasons. All these years have not been free from trouble and sorrow. The Church has gone through seasons of dark and disappointing periods. Our hearts have been made sad by the passing of our loved ones from time to time and when sore and distressing trials were endured, but the Lord has been good to us and we have triumphed over all our dark and lonely periods and sweet fellowship abounds and the bond of love is easily seen in our midst and our loved ones are coming home to the Church from time to time, which causes our hearts to rejoice with ‘Joy exceeding and full of Glory’”.


- Elder W.W. Fowler

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