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Written by Lee Hanks   

MRS. ELIZABETH LUMPKIN EDWARDS HANKS was born in Monroe County, Ga., Mar. 15th, 1864. She was married to the writer June 28, 1885. She joined the church at Ozark, Ala., and was baptized by her husband, Elder Lee Hanks Christmas day, 1886, to gether with her oldest sister and a good brother. She was educated at Monroe Female Cottage, Forsyth, Ga. (now called Bessie Tift). She was a devoted Primitive Baptist until the Lord called her home. Her membership for years was at West Atlanta Church. She dearly loved the church and the church loved her. She was always glad to entertain good Old Baptist company. Her health was always unusually good and she was very industrious. I have traveled in 27 states and often would be gone two months or more and she was always willing for me to go. I have served about 48 churches, have been preaching 59 years which kept me from home a great deal, and she was always ready to help me on my way. Among her last words to me were, "Go and fill your appointments in Tenn.". She was confined to her room for several weeks and suffered much. My dear daughters staid by her bedside day and night in her illness. They did not let her lack for anything. I think she was totally paralyzed before she passed away. Died without a struggle--peacefully fell asleep in Jesus Aug. 18th just as she desired. I was in Tenn., when the sad summons came. I received a telegram and rushed home at once. Funeral arrangements were made by my good faithful daughters and loving brethren. I was heartbroken. It seemed almost unbearable. So hard to be reconciled. Our precious and esteemed brother, Eld. Rees Prather, conducted the funeral services. Elders Roy Mitchell, M. A. Kennemore and J. H. Holland, and Deacons J. A. Middlebrook, J. T. McArthur, A. E. Webb, G. P. Nall and Lee Webb and Turner Lassitter were pallbearers. All were so good and faithful.

Oh, how I do miss her. I felt I would go first. I felt like she was so much better qualified to care for the family than I. It is so hard to realize that I shall see her no more here. When I think of the seriousness of this I burst into tears. But I am sure the separation will not be long until I too, shall go to my eternal home. We lived happily together going on 54 years. I thought I could sympathize with those bereaved as I am, but I could not until I had the sad experience myself. How thankful I am that her spirit is in heaven and some day the body will be spiritualized, soul and body reuniting and she be caught up to meet the Lord in the air, and forever be with the Lord. It is so sweet for a Christian to die. Many times I long to go home and be at rest. But I want to be resigned and say, "Thy will be done".

In sorrow, Lee Hanks.


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