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Written by Lee Hanks   

The Gospel Messenger, April 1911

I am in bed sick and can not write much. I feel that all of my feeble writings are so worthless and so much like myself that it would be better to lay down my pen and give the space to such precious loving men of God as Elders Hassell, Henderson, Oliphant and Stewart, and the many contributors who write so much to the comfort of God's children. At times it is a comfort, in my imperfect way to try to write to the dear household of faith, I love them. They are dear and precious to my poor soul. If I could heal the wounds in Zion, and restore sweet peace, love and fellowship, and have all old Baptists dwelling together in gospel unity, I feel that I could die happy. Zion's troubles are mine. They are my people. They are Mount Zion, the joy of the whole earth, the city of the great King.

It is wrong for them to be warring with each other. The devil can not be pleased better than for Old Baptists to be biting and devouring each other. I have begged the Lord's people to be firm for the right, but kind, tender, gentle and forgiving. It should be the fervent prayer and effort of every child of God to labor for the restoration of peace in Zion. Let us all endure hardness as good soldiers of Jesus Christ, and, with hearts full of love, let us be loyal to our God and ever at our post. There is too much slackness in discipline and too many making the service of God of secondary importance. I know I am poor and sinful and make many mistakes, but I have tried to let nothing get between me and my obligations to God. I have traveled and tried to preach, serving four churches or more, for many years, traveling hundreds of miles each month. Many times I was so sick I was not able to stand, but I always wanted to get to meeting to see their lovely faces.

After all I am but a poor unprofitable servant. I have felt happy while lying here this week. The sweet expression has thrilled my soul with joy. "And I shall see His face." This thought has been precious to me. If this should be my last illness, I, a poor unworthy sinner, have a sweet hope that I shall go to Heaven after death and "see His face," and be like Him. It is so sweet to fall asleep in the loving arms of Jesus.

Many of our able ministers have fought a good fight and have gone home. I think of such dear, old faithful servants as Elders Hassell, Henderson, Oliphant, Stewart, Gold, Chick, Durand, Temples, Dalton, and many more, whose heads are white with the frost of years. They will soon lay their armor by and go home and be at rest. I love them all.

Pray for me and mine, and let us all love and serve the dear Lord better. He is so good to us.

L. H.

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